Zoë Pallant-Sidaway

Communications Officer

Zoë is a writer concerned with all aspects of Indigenous land coalition, rainforests and their wildlife. Inspired by her family heritage, the Bidayuh of Borneo, the natural world is infused in all aspects of Zoë’s work.

She confronts the conflict of living in London, its vibrant simmering creativity besides the disappearing wildness, by writing about music, art and literary events with the natural world at their heart. It is her belief that our art has the power to enact change and she’ll keep seeking opportunities to amplify the often unheard voices of the earth. After graduating from her master’s which specialised in Southeast Asian Indigenous literature at Goldsmiths in 2023, she has been working with Rainforest Trust UK since April to communicate their mission as well as Borneo Orangutan Survival.

Having grown up in Portsmouth and Brighton, Zoë enjoys spending time at the beach – even when it’s windy! She has created social media posts, poems, articles, short stories and has had a play performed at Deptford Literature Festival whose theme in 2023 was climate and nature.

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