Dr. James C. Deutsch


Dr. James Deutsch


James C. Deutsch is a strategic leader in global conservation with a passion for saving wildlife and wild lands and a talent for translating cutting-edge science into field projects with maximum conservation impact.


James comes to Rainforest Trust from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation where, as Director of Wildlife and Biodiversity, he oversaw the Great Elephant Census, worked with IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) and CITES (Convention on Trade in Endangered Species) to close ivory markets and save sharks, and launched programs to support the Convention on Biological Diversity, to dismantle wildlife trafficking networks, and to save coral reefs.

Previously, James was Africa Director and then Vice President for Conservation Strategy at the Wildlife Conservation Society where he helped design and implement the Congo Basin Forest Partnership and launched new programs in Nigeria, Mozambique, and South Sudan. He also helped launch the Tropical Biology Association, taught secondary school in Kenya, and was founding chair of the boards of Aidspan and Community Markets for Conservation. For six years James was CEO of the UK’s national fundraiser for HIV/AIDS, Crusaid, helping make life-saving treatments available in the UK and Africa.

A New Yorker, James was educated at Harvard (A.B. Philosophy) and Cambridge (M.Phil. Biological Anthropology and Ph.D. Zoology) and lectured in ecology and conservation biology at Imperial College and the University of East Anglia. His research career included fieldwork on Uganda Kob antelope and Malawi cichlid fishes with papers in Nature, Evolution, and other journals and books.

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