James Lewis

Vice President of Conservation

James Lewis

James leads a team of conservation professionals, working to secure the long-term conservation of rainforest throughout the world.

Hooked on wildlife conservation when growing up in Africa, James has spent his career focusing on strategic approaches to addressing conservation challenges.

Born in the UK but raised on three continents, James has firsthand experience in a range of conservation arenas. Before joining Rainforest Trust, James worked as the operations director for the Amphibian Survival Alliance, helping to build the world’s largest partnership dedicated to amphibian conservation.

Although originally a field ecologist, James has spent time working on a number of domestic and international conservation topics, trade/policy issues, development of on the ground conservation projects and implementation of national conservation responses.

James’ undergraduate degree is in Conservation Management from Stirling University and his Masters is in Conservation and Biodiversity from Exeter University.

He has worked for several conservation NGOs including the Wildlife Conservation Society, Conservation International and Global Wildlife Conservation and published on a range of conservation topics.

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