Flyways are avian “super-highways” where migrating birds can rest and refuel


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The stakes are higher every year for migratory birds

Without suitable stopover sites between breeding grounds and wintering habitat, birds do not have the strength and stamina to endure their long flights over continents and oceans. The destruction and degradation of viable habitat along migratory routes from development, pollution, wildfires and climate change puts intense pressure on migrating birds and causes increased bird mortality.

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The world’s 1,451 migratory bird species perform an awe-inspiring feat to complete their annual migrations. They often fly thousands of miles between summer breeding grounds and wintering grounds, stopping several times in between. Every location along their journey must be protected so they can survive.

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Endangered migratory birds

Critically Endangered Spoon-Billed Sandpipers
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Critically Endangered Spoon-Billed Sandpipers

Blue Crane
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Blue Crane

Bengal Florican
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Bengal Florican (CR)

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Galapagos Petrel (CR)

Protect migratory flyways

Rainforest Trust works with local partners to protect migratory flyways for globally threatened species. For instance, in Thailand and Myanmar, we helped safeguard critical habitat along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway—the most threatened flight path for migratory birds on Earth—to benefit the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper and the Endangered Great Knot.

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