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Madagascar is an island smaller than Texas, with 200,000 known species


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Madagascar's lush rainforests, tropical dry forests, plateaus and deserts are under siege

Only 10% of Madagascar’s original forests remain, and 1,101 species are threatened with extinction. Mining and deforestation have opened up remote areas to poachers who illegally traffic the island’s rare species, like geckos, tortoises and snakes.

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The world’s fourth-largest island off the East African coast, Madagascar has an astounding degree of biodiversity and endemism. Its 3,000 miles of coastline feature extensive coral reef systems and mangrove swamps.

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Madagascar's threatened wildlife

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Parsons Chameleon
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Parson's Chameleon, by Robin Moore

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Community engagement = conservation success

Nearly 28 million people call Madagascar home, Rainforest Trust and our partners help communities align their traditional customs and survival needs to help save imperiled wildlife. We work with the Malagasy government to designate protected areas, and we recruit local people to co-manage reserves to ensure livelihood opportunities are in coordination with shared conservation goals.

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