The Congo Basin
Congo Basin

The Congo Basin is the second-largest tropical rainforest on Earth


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One of the most biodiverse regions on Earth, the Congo Basin is also one of the least protected

Decades of civil unrest have slowed global conservation efforts in the Congo, and illegal wildlife trafficking has grown. Bushmeat hunting is a significant threat to rare species, as are industrial logging, mining, large-scale agriculture and roads. Oil exploration and extraction are an increasing worry.

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The Congo Basin is a mosaic of forests, swamps and savannas twice the size of Alaska. It is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, like African Forest Elephant, Okapi, Grauer’s Gorilla, Bonobo and Congo Peacock.

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At-risk wildlife in the Congo Basin

African Forest Elephants standing in the grass
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The African Forest Elephant (CR). Elephant tusks are a prize in the ivory trade.

Okapi standing amidst trees
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The Endangered Okapi

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Grauer's Gorilla

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Local partners move quickly

Rainforest Trust and our partners move quickly to protect imperiled ecosystems and wildlife across the Congo Basin. With local communities, we protect vulnerable landscapes and wildlife in a way that aligns with community values and traditional livelihoods. We help local people protect and manage these lands at the heart of their communities.

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