Rainforest Fires

Each year, rainforest fires grow in scope and intensity


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Fires destroy rainforests

Human-created fires are a brutal deforestation tool, started intentionally to clear large swaths of tropical forest and convert it to agricultural land, such as cattle pastures or fruit and oil palm plantations.

This technique—called “slash-and-burn”—often results in fires that rage beyond the intended boundaries, burning uncontrollably in some of the planet’s most critical rainforests. These fires can last for weeks, displacing Indigenous communities, destroying biodiversity and releasing carbon into the atmosphere.

Our Impact

Save tropical forest across the globe

Rainforest Trust creates legally recognized protected areas in intact vulnerable forests across the globe that outlaw harmful agricultural practices and intentional fires. Our partners work tirelessly to train, equip and deploy patrols and fire brigades to protect these forests from threats.

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