Rainforest Trust Announced Partnership with EarthToday and Union of Nature Foundation

Iguazu River Falls in Brazil, by Kavram
Iguazu River Falls in Brazil, by Kavram
Pursuing the ambitious 50 by 50 goal

Rainforest Trust announced a partnership with EarthToday and Union of Nature Foundation. EarthToday is a for-purpose tech company with a mission to collectively protect 50% of the planet, meter by meter, funneling 83% of all revenue raised to conservation organizations through the Union of Nature Foundation. Union of Nature is the world’s first nonprofit business-model collaboration of conservation organizations working together to reach the 50 by 50 goal – preserving 50% of the world’s land and water by 2050. Organizations are carefully vetted before being invited to participate in this coalition.

The ambitious 50 by 50 goal will be pursued utilizing EarthToday’s online platform, bridging the gap between the conservation sector and the private sector through a unique model of investing in the planet. EarthToday’s development and operating costs are covered by private investors who focus on maximizing impact rather than returns.

“Rainforest Trust is excited to partner with EarthToday and Union of Nature to combine efforts in working to protect critical landscapes around the world. This partnership will be significant in both safeguarding nature and supporting Rainforest Trust’s mission to save endangered wildlife and protect the planet,” said James Deutsch, Rainforest Trust CEO.

More than 27.4 million acres of tropical forest were lost in 2021 alone – nearly 52 acres per minute. Since 1988, Rainforest Trust has been protecting imperiled tropical habitats and saving endangered species by establishing protected areas in partnership with local organizations and communities around the globe. With its partners, Rainforest Trust has safeguarded more than 45 million acres of vital habitat to date.

The partnership between Rainforest Trust, Union of Nature and EarthToday will serve to advance the protection of nature and biodiversity and highlight the importance of protecting rainforest habitat across the globe.