Conservation Action Fund

Conservation Action Fund

Rainforests Worldwide

Stop Deforestation – Protect Rainforests, Species, Communities and our Planet

Every day, precious acres of rainforest are lost forever. Critically endangered species lose their habitat. Communities lose their forest livelihoods. Water sources and weather systems are disrupted. The planet is impacted when stored carbon is released by deforestation.

  • Community Members Meeting, Mt. Namuli, Mozambique. Photo by Grant Bemis

You can be a part of the solution.

Rainforest Trust believes that the simple solution of stopping the destruction of the last remaining rainforests will positively impact species, communities and the planet. A gift to our Conservation Action Fund supports our most urgent work around the world.

Our conservation work makes a tangible difference. Whether it is preserving the Amazon and the way of life for indigenous people, purchasing rainforest in Borneo to create a urgently-needed corridor for Pygmy Elephants to migrate or establishing a network of new national parks across Cambodia, with your support we will preserve all types of critical areas for life on Earth. On average, we purchase and permanently protect an acre of habitat for just $1.98– less than your daily cup of coffee.

  • Borneo Pygmy Elephants. Photo by Ch'ien C. Lee

Furthermore, your gift will have double the impact.

Any gift to the Conservation Action Fund supports our critical project work and is matched dollar for dollar by our SAVES Challenge. This means your gift of $100 has the impact of $200, whereby twice the number of acres will be saved.

Your support will make a difference.

Join us on this conservation journey to care for and protect our planet. Please help us reach our goal to save 50 million acres of rainforest and wildlife habitat by 2020.

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