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Rediscovered Snake Sparks Major Conservation Initiative

May 16, 2017

The rediscovery of the threatened Albany Adder – a tiny viper which was soon to be declared “extinct in the wild” since it had not been seen in almost a decade – is sparking a major…


Project to Protect a Critical Amphibian Hotspot Officially Launched in Cameroon

May 04, 2017

Government officials have given permission to begin the process of establishing a protected area on Mount Manengouba, an ancient volcano shrouded in rainforest within the southwestern Cameroon highlands that contains a relic population of amphibians and…


Supporter Spotlight: Tapir Apps

Apr 25, 2017

Munich App Studio Shows Love for Tapirs Matthias Laabs of Tapir Apps in Munich, Germany, named his business for his favorite animal: the Tapir. His company's logo is a Malayan Tapir, which is a species of…


Rainforest Trust Receives Highest Charity Navigator Rating

Apr 18, 2017

Rainforest Trust was awarded Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for the 8th year, in addition to being placed in the top-tier of nonprofit organizations across the U.S. for accountability and transparency. Rainforest Trust has been recognized as…


Supporter Spotlight: Bailey Conner

Mar 29, 2017

A Birthday Party for the Birds Bailey Conner celebrated her birthday this year by really spreading her wings. She learned all about rainforests and their wonderful species in school and was enamored. Bailey and her classmates…


Red Panda Sightings Inspire Conservation Work

Mar 29, 2017

Forest guardians working in Nepal are motivated by the shy species they are dedicated to protecting in their natural habitat: adorable yet endangered Red Pandas. Intensely hunted for their unique russet-and-cream colored fur as well as…


Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed: Elusive Cloud Rat and Moonrat Caught on Camera

Mar 21, 2017

Video footage provides incredibly rare images of the Critically Endangered Dinagat Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat and Endangered Dinagat Gymnure in their natural habitat within the Philippine island of Dinagat. Known for its lush rainforests, Dinagat Island is…


Education and Empowerment in Ecuador

Mar 13, 2017

Rainforest Trust’s partner works with Ecuadorian youth to develop sustainable livelihood options through research opportunities directly linked to conservation. The new Tesoro Escondido Reserve, which was established in the Chocó ecoregion of Ecuador by Cambugán Foundation…


Supporter Spotlight: George Jett

Mar 07, 2017

Speaking for species through a lens George Jett is an invaluable member of Rainforest Trust. After retiring from over 30 years at the Environmental Protection Agency, he spends much of his time traveling the world and…


Land Titles for Indigenous Communities in Peru Create a Firewall of Protection

Mar 06, 2017

Indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon received legal recognition of their land ownership rights, which allows them to have access to state benefits and strengthens the buffer zone of the spectacular Sierra del Divisor National Park.…

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