Celebrate World Tapir Day

Apr 26, 2016

April 27th celebrates World Tapir Day, mobilizing awareness of tapirs worldwide and efforts to protect them. Represented by four species globally, tapirs are some of the most unusual and least known species in the rainforest. However,…


Camera Traps Showcase Sumatra’s Stunning Wildlife

Apr 22, 2016

Camera trap videos from Sumatra reveal an array of rare wildlife, highlighting the astonishing wealth of biodiversity found in the island’s rainforests. These images are providing conservationists with invaluable data on the perilous state of these…


Protecting Sumatra’s Last Great Wilderness

Apr 20, 2016

To celebrate Earth Day’s 46th anniversary on April 22nd, Rainforest Trust is working to conserve threatened rainforest in Sumatra by establishing the new Kluet Wildlife Reserve. Located within the great Leuser Ecosystem, this 6.4-million-acre tropical wilderness…


Near Extinct Plant Rediscovered in Geometric Tortoise Reserve

Apr 08, 2016

Scientists with Rainforest Trust’s partners in South Africa recently re-discovered a plant species on the Geometric Tortoise Reserve so rare it was thought to be extinct. Last year, Rainforest Trust partnered with the Turtle Conservancy and…


A Botanical Wonderland

Apr 05, 2016

Recently Lou Jost, co-founder of EcoMinga, and visiting scientists from the Orchid Conservation Alliance journeyed to the Dracula Orchid Reserve in northwestern Ecuador. Braving cold and wet conditions, the scientists managed to identify and photograph a…


First Protection for Endangered Hoge’s Side-necked Turtle

Mar 31, 2016

Thanks to Rainforest Trust donors and other supporters, 236 acres of crucial rainforest and wetland habitat for Hoge’s Side-necked Turtle have been purchased in Brazil. Securing this land as a private reserve will help recover the…


Notes from the Field: Myanmar’s Mahamyaing Wildlife Sanctuary

Mar 28, 2016

Recently Rick Passaro, Rainforest Trust’s Asia Conservation Officer, traveled to Myanmar for a field visit with local partner, Friends of Wildlife. During his visit he spoke with U Myint Aung, one of the directors of Friends…


REGUA Educates Local Students with Young Ranger Program

Mar 17, 2016

Rainforest Trust’s Brazilian partner celebrates the tenth anniversary of their school-age education program. Designed to attract local students aged between 11 and 15 enrolled at nearby schools, REGUA’s Young Ranger Program offers tutorials on biodiversity conservation…


World Wildlife Day: The future of elephants is in our hands

Mar 03, 2016

The United Nations established World Wildlife Day on March 3rd to recognize the day that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was signed in 2013. This year's theme,…


REGUA Reserve Expands in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest

Mar 03, 2016

Rainforest Trust and Brazilian partner REGUA are leading efforts to protect the Atlantic Rainforest – a region of Brazil’s east coast that once spanned over 500,000 square miles. As urban sprawl from nearby Rio de Janeiro…

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