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Tropic Topics: Reptile Awareness

Oct 19, 2016

October 21st is Reptile Awareness Day, a day to celebrate these often under appreciated vertebrates. Tune in to Rainforest Trust’s Tropic Topics podcast to listen to our Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Officer, James Lewis, talk to…


Tropic Topics: Going Batty

Oct 10, 2016

October is Bat Appreciation Month, so we are going a little batty over bats! Tune in to Rainforest Trust’s Tropic Topics podcast below to listen to our Board Chair and bat enthusiast, John Mitchell, talk all…


Learning by Hart: Exploration and Conservation in the Congo Basin

Oct 06, 2016

Rainforest Trust supports our passionate conservation partners around the world who dedicate their lives to protecting threatened species and the habitats that are their homes. Two incredibly inspiring partners are Terese and John Hart, who work…


Tropic Topics: Response to John Oliver’s Bird Bashing

Oct 05, 2016

John Oliver, comedian and host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, slammed birds in one of his hilarious rants just a few weeks ago. Tune in to Rainforest Trust’s Tropic Topics podcast below to listen to our…


The Understory: Newsworthy Pachyderms

Sep 29, 2016

The Understory is a podcast focused on current trending conservation topics hosted by Rainforest Trust's Conservation Outreach team. This episode, learn how the Guardian is putting elephants in the spotlight on a global scale and how…


Success for African Amphibian Conservation through the Creation of New Reserve

Sep 23, 2016

The Ngandja Natural Reserve has been recently established thanks to Rainforest Trust’s local partner, donors and other supporters, safeguarding over 700,000 acres in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The newly established Ngandja Natural Reserve…


New National Park Offers Protection for Forest Elephants in Liberia

Sep 22, 2016

Thanks to Rainforest Trust’s local partner, donors and other supporters, the 219,609-acre Gola Forest National Park– only the second National Park in Liberia– was declared on September 22. This new Park protects part of the Guinean…


Celebrating World Cassowary Day

Sep 21, 2016

World Cassowary Day, celebrated on September 24, highlights the importance of these threatened birds to rainforest ecosystems. Combine two Papuan words—“kasu,” meaning horned, and “weri,” referring to head— and you get the name as well as…


Supporter Spotlight: Oceans Connect

Sep 20, 2016

Two nature enthusiasts bike across South America to raise funds for the Amazon. Amy Tunstall and Jake Wilcox are no strangers to the open road; both are avid bicyclists with a taste for adventure and passion…


Supporter Spotlight: Richard Jones, Rainforest Ceramics

Sep 09, 2016

Former Member of the New South Wales Upper House, Richard Jones is a lifelong advocate for the environment. He now utilizes his love of producing ceramics to protect the rainforest and its endangered species that are…

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