Forest Impact on Climate Change | The Guardian

Jan 13, 2016

Dr. Paul Salaman, CEO, Rainforest Trust Reducing carbon emissions is truly important to mitigating climate change. But in the meantime, it’s faster and cheaper to save and regrow tropical trees. “Reducing carbon emissions, as the nations…


Q&A From the Field: India

Jan 13, 2016

Dr. Umesh Srinivasan, a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at Princeton University, discusses conservation efforts in the eastern Himalaya with the Bugun tribe and their efforts to protect the Bugun Liochichla – one of the rarest birds in…


Rainforest Ambassadors: Q & A with Thomas Broom

Jan 08, 2016

To highlight the Rainforest Ambassadors program, we spoke with Thomas Broom, a passionate 14-year-old birder, blogger and rainforest defender. You recently traveled to the rainforests of Borneo. What stood out to you? "I don’t think I…


Camera Traps Reveal the Hidden Himalayas

Dec 30, 2015

Camera traps from Rainforest Trust’s field partners in Myanmar and India have revealed an astonishing array of rare mammals – some captured for the first time ever in the wild. These images are providing biologists with…


Landmark Protection for Borneo’s Endangered Wildlife

Dec 23, 2015

Thanks to Rainforest Trust donors, a major logging concession in Sabah, Borneo, has been converted into a 168,032-acre permanent sanctuary for wildlife that links two of the most important reserves in Asia – the Maliau Basin…


The Helmeted Hornbill: Nature’s Dinosaur Bird

Dec 18, 2015

Helmeted Hornbills recently became one of the most expensive and sought after animals on the wildlife black market, yet most people know little about these amazing birds or the grave threats they face. Found across Peninsular…


Indonesia Burning

Dec 08, 2015

Between July and November of this year, a great tract of Earth went up in smoke. When it was all said and done, NASA satellites detected more than 130,000 fire hotspots across Indonesia. A long dry…


A New Refuge for Isolated Jaguars

Dec 04, 2015

This year, Rainforest Trust supported long-standing Colombian partner, Fundación ProAves, in the strategic purchase of multiple properties, expanding El Jaguar Reserve by 5,421 acres. The new expansion enlarges the protected area to a total of 10,326…


Endangered Species Chocolate Picks Rainforest Trust as a 10% GiveBack Partner!

Dec 03, 2015

The conservation-minded chocolate company, Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC), has selected Rainforest Trust as one of its new partners for its 10% Giveback Program from 2016 to 2018. The program donates 10 percent of ESC’s annual net…


Major Expansion of Buenaventura Reserve

Dec 03, 2015

Thanks to the generous support of donors, Rainforest Trust expanded protection for Buenaventura Reserve this fall with the purchase of an additional 944 acres of cloud forest. Leaders from the local and national level, including Ecuador’s…

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