The Amazon in Peru, photo courtesy of CEDIA
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Over 20% of the Amazon has already been destroyed, and that number increases each day.

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The Amazon is the world’s most iconic and well-known rainforest.

Spanning 1.4 billion acres across 9 countries, it supports 10% of the world’s biodiversity and is one of Earth’s largest carbon stores. All of us rely on the Amazon to keep our planet healthy.

Despite its critical importance locally and globally, the landscape is under imminent threat from deforestation, primarily from slash-and-burn agricultural practices. Over 20% of the region has already been destroyed and that number is slowly creeping up each day.

Not only are over 140,000 plant and animal species – including many still unknown to science – in danger of losing their habitat, but millions of indigenous people are under tremendous pressure from the logging and agro-industries, putting them in danger of losing their homes. Without the titles to their territories, native communities have no legal instrument to defend their homelands from destruction.

Protecting rainforests and supporting indigenous communities is the backbone of our work here at Rainforest Trust and the Amazon has been one of our top conservation priorities since our founding over 30 years ago.

Healthy Rainforests, Healthy Planet

Healthy rainforests are critical to a healthy planet. Creating protected areas is the most effective way to protect endangered animals, safeguard biodiversity, stop deforestation, and maintain the health of all species on our planet.

And our solution is working. But there is so much left to do.

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"The one process now going on that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us.”

E. O. Wilson
Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and former Rainforest Trust Board Member

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