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Frogs play a critical role in rainforests as “indicator species”

Frogs, like all amphibians, are critical to humans’ understanding of nature as they are “indicator species.” They are extremely sensitive to any changes in the environment and provide insight into the health of the ecosystems they inhabit.

It is an alarming sign for our planet, then, that frog populations worldwide are declining substantially each year.

Save habitat for frogs


For more than 30 years, we have demonstrated that safeguarding critical habitat is the most effective way to protect species, including frogs. We work with local partners to develop projects aimed at securing vital habitat.

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The extinct Golden Toad, by Charles H. Smith/Wikimedia Commons
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The extinct Golden Toad, by Charles H. Smith/Wikimedia Commons

Grand Bois leaf frog
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Grand Bois Leaf Frog

Mache Cochran Frog
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Mache Cochran Frog (NT)

Togo Slippery Frog
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Togo Slippery Frog

Frogs are fighting for survival

Habitat loss and fragmentation are the main threats to frog populations across the globe, as are air pollution, pesticides and disease.

Frogs are also highly vulnerable to climate change—unpredictable temperature shifts have caused a decrease in precipitation and increase in drought. Just a slight shift in their natural conditions drastically alters frogs’ survival rate.

Rainforest Trust saves entire ecosystems for hundreds of frog species in protected areas across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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