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Selfless by Hyram

Rainforest Trust is thrilled to partner with Selfless by Hyram; a skincare brand that commits to making positive social impact with every product purchased.

Our organizations share a commitment to the planet and a promise to positively impact climate change by helping to protect CO2 rich tropical forests from deforestation. Through the support of Selfless by Hyram, we will help to stop deforestation in Bolivia’s highly threatened Bajo Paragua forest and keep carbon stored in the Earth where it belongs. Protecting this vulnerable landscape has countless local benefits, including ensuring safety for the livelihoods and culture, the very being of the indigenous Guarasug’we people.

Through our partnership with Selfless by Hyram, we will impact the Bolivia project by protecting over 2,500 acres of threatened land from deforestation, storing over 370,000 tonnes of CO2 in just 12 months.

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Without a doubt, climate change is the most urgent global issue of our time. I respect Rainforest Trust’s approach to protecting the earth by preventing forests from deforestation. Their approach not only helps the climate, but also works to protect plants, animals, and indigenous groups for life. By targeting the issue at its core, Rainforest Trust is preventing the domino effect of destruction that so often faces critical forest regions around the globe. I’m so excited for the thousands of acres of forest that will be protected through our partnership for future generations to enjoy.
– Hyram Yarbro

Impact on Bolivia

Through donations from Selfless by Hyram, Rainforest Trust and partner, Fundación Natura Bolivia, will work to create the San Ignacio and Concepcion Municipal Protected Areas—over 2 million acres of rich, lowland rainforest.

Through our partnership with Selfless by Hyram, we will impact the Bolivia project by protecting over 2,500 acres of threatened land from deforestation, storing over 370,000 tonnes of CO2 in just 12 months.

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