Hyacinth Macaws in the Brazilan Amazon, by Tarcisio Schnaider

A History of Protecting Rainforest in Brazil

Rainforest Trust’s highly effective conservation approach has been honed over 35 years, and we’ve been working with local partners in Brazil for over 20 years to protect fragile rainforest habitat and species across this vast country. Protecting the Amazon is a vital component in the global fight to stop climate change and one that we have embraced wholeheartedly.

Our conservation strategy team is on the ground in Brazil identifying the most effective Brazilian nonprofit organizations, strategic conservationists and community groups as well as leaders of Indigenous communities to partner with in pursuit of the most promising conservation opportunities. Our goal is to safeguard at least 20 million acres of the Brazilian Amazon over the next four years.

See what our CEO, Dr. James C. Deutsch, has to say about the importance of this initiative, and learn more about our Brazil Strategy.

Within the Brazilian Amazon, 141 million acres of land are government controlled but not yet designated for a particular purpose. Each and every one of these acres could be preserved forever as part of a protected area such as an Indigenous reserve or national park. Or it could be chain-sawed and burned to the ground for beef or soy. Each and every one of these acres of forest is the irreplaceable home of myriad, exquisite creatures found nowhere else on Earth…

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