Eric Goode


Eric Goode

Eric Goode is an entrepreneur and conservationist, dedicated to the conservation of Endangered turtles and tortoises worldwide.

Eric is the founder of the Turtle Conservancy and publisher and co-editor of The Tortoise magazine, a high-end conservation annual publication of the Turtle Conservancy. Eric and the Turtle Conservancy partnered with Rainforest Trust to establish the first nature preserve in South Africa dedicated to the protection of the Critically Endangered Geometric Tortoise and the Sinaloan Nature Preserve for the protection of Goode’s Thornscrub Tortoise, which was recently named after Goode (Gopherus evgoodei) in recognition of his passion for the smaller forgotten creatures on the planet. Having personally witnessed the decline and virtual disappearance of many common species, he is determined to make a difference both locally and in the far corners of the Earth.

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