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Chubb Charitable Foundation Grants $346,000 to Rainforest Trust

The Chubb Charitable Foundation announced today that it has granted $346,000 to Rainforest Trust in support of our work to expand protection for one of the largest intact rainforest ecosystems in Southeast Asia. The grant is part of a previously announced $500,000 commitment to Rainforest Trust. The Foundation’s new grant will help safeguard an additional […]


Visiting Tanzania’s Magombera Forest Reserve

Tanzania’s Magombera Forest is internationally recognized for its wide range of biodiversity and diverse landscapes, ranging from moist forests and dry woodlands, to grasslands and riparian forests that support a wealth of rare flora and fauna. Magombera Forest is a Key Biodiversity Area because it provides a refuge for many endemic species like the Udzungwa […]


Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Planning for the Future

Peru holds the second-largest share of the Amazon rainforest of any nation, with the forest spanning over half the country’s land area. Traditionally, this land has been occupied and protected by indigenous groups that depend on its natural resources. But unfortunately, many of these communities have historically lacked legal rights to their land. This leaves […]


5 Benefits of Protected Areas

Rainforest Trust’s mission for over 30 years has been to prevent destruction and deforestation of tropical habitat through the creation of protected areas. Critical habitat around the world faces increasing threats, ranging from forest fires due to slash and burn agriculture, to land clearing for large scale development, to desertification. The results put our planet […]



Cullen is a bat biologist, conservationist, and philanthropist living in Houston, TX. Her research has focused on bat-mediated seed dispersal and pollination in the Neotropics. After spending some years studying nectar-feeding bats and sleeping in a hammock in French Guiana, she returned to the US to concentrate on bringing more people and funding to conservation. […]