Supporting the Protectors

Forest guards are dedicated to the protection of threatened wildlife. These guards play an instrumental role in monitoring reserves, patrolling borders, observing wildlife, coordinating restoration efforts and educating local communities.

To sustain this work, the Rainforest Trust Sustainability Fund provides ongoing support to forest guards employed in the reserves of our partners. The fund is an endowment to ensure long-term conservation, helping to train and pay forest guards, provide equipment, housing and more.

In addition, the fund offers long-term employment alternatives for those employed as hunters, miners or loggers. We currently support over 30 forest guards at 25 nature reserves worldwide.

On average, $500 can support a single forest guard in the field for one month.  To learn how the Sustainability Fund is working to protect endangered species, you can explore the profiles of several dedicated forest guards that are making a difference with Rainforest Trust’s support.

Support the Sustainability Fund

José Urrestty

Peru: Matsés National Reserve

Leonires Cabrera

Ecuador: Jorupe Reserve

Leovigildo Cabrera

Ecuador: Buenaventura Reserve

Luis Hernández

Colombia: El Paujíl Nature Reserve

Raul Becerra

Colombia: Chamicero de Perijá Reserve