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Join Us as a Partner to Create New Protected Areas

Applications for partnership with Rainforest Trust to create new Protected Areas are reviewed three times per year. Application deadlines are March 1, June 1 and November 1.

Once an application is received, a Rainforest Trust conservation officer will contact you to discuss details and explore partnership opportunities.

Partnership applications should meet the following criteria:

  • Clear focus on creating a new Protected Area (i.e., through land purchase, designation as a national park, conversion of logging concessions to reserves, community protection or the expansion of existing Protected Areas)
  • Proposed sites must be currently unprotected. Use IUCN’s Protected Planet database to determine if the area is already recognized as protected (category 1-6) before submitting an application
  • Recent, verifiable evidence supporting the presence of species assessed as Endangered or Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species within the proposed Protected Area site
  • Endorsement from project stakeholders, including local environmental agencies, government officials and especially communities
  • The applicant must be an NGO based in the country of the proposed Protected Area site
  • Priority is given to proposed sites located within the tropics
  • Evidence of an independent and autonomous oversight and management committee (e.g., a non-executive board) if land purchase or leasing is the proposed conservation strategy

Partnership applications should not include:

  • Overhead costs (e.g., administration costs or office rent)
  • Ecological monitoring or research
  • Forest restoration (e.g., tree planting)
  • Vehicle purchases other than motorcycles
  • International travel
  • Environmental education

See here for additional details.

If you are interested in applying to become a partner through the SAVES Challenge, complete the eligibility questionnaire. If you have any questions about the process, email to contact a Rainforest Trust conservation officer.

Complete the Eligibility Questionnaire
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Rapid Protected-Area Feasibility Awards

Applications for Rapid Protected-Area Feasibility Awards are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Rainforest Trust provides Rapid Protected-Area Feasibility Awards to encourage conservationists and researchers to evaluate important potential sites for creating new Protected Areas. Awards average $5,000.

Successful applications should exhibit clear intent to establish a new Protected Area and one or more of the following:

  • Plan to evaluate the presence and abundance of Endangered or Critically Endangered species within unprotected sites
  • Efforts to evaluate land ownership of unprotected sites where Endangered or Critically Endangered species are found
  • Efforts to negotiate land prices and gauge willingness to sell privately owned land
  • Assessments of community and government interest in Protected Area creation

To request a Feasibility Award, download the application and submit to for review.

Fill out the Feasibility Award Application
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