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Voices from the Rainforest: Jone Niukula, Rainforest Trust Fellow

Rainforest Trust projects thrive thanks to the important conservation work of people on the ground. Our Voices from the Rainforest series brings you news from our projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific — from the perspectives of those working in and for the rainforests. Inspiring Iguana Conservation in Fiji Jone Niukula has […]



Loreto’s parents are from a different province where a different language is spoken but Loreto feels Palaweňo through and through. He is a rather silent and shy person but not when it comes to the protection of forest, watershed and wildlife in Mendoza. Loreto is one of the first who started working with Katala Foundation […]


Garry Jardin

Garry was born in Mendoza and that is where he is raising his family. He is the only person among the wardens who entered college but had to stop after 3 years when his first child was on its way. He decided to become a warden so that he could stay close to his family […]


Gerald Gabuco

Gerald is the son of the late Ramito Gabuco, who worked as a Katala Foundation warden until Ramito was killed in a motorbike accident. His mother wanted him to be the successor of his father so that he could support her and his younger siblings. As a former forest user, he is very familiar with […]


Mark Rullan

Mark is among the youngest wildlife enforcement officers in Mendoza. Prior to his current work, he worked on a farm and was engaged in the collection of non-forest products – mainly rattan. For him, his job is both a source of income and is tied to conservation outcomes.


Robert Garganza

Robert is a farmer from Mendoza. Before the watershed in Mendoza became protected, he used to hunt wildlife illegally and harvest rattan from the area. He switched to working in the conservation site, as this could provide him with a sustainable/legal income.


Ronald Bendico

The forest is Ronald’s home, where he played as a child, and started harvesting resources (illegally) when he became a teenager. He is very familiar with the flora and fauna of the forest in Mendoza. Most, if not all of his relatives are against the protected area and related conservation measures of Katala Foundation in […]


Candido A. Abrina

Candido is a native from Palawan and resident of the village of Mendoza in Roxas. Before he started working with Katala Foundation, he worked at the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Units (CAFGU) who are volunteers assisting the police and the military in the Philippines. He applied for the position of wildlife enforcement officer because he […]


World Lion Day: The Role of CGI in Conservation

Disney’s The Lion King reboot has made quite an impact. Everything in the film — from the vast African savannas down to the dung beetles — is created from computer generated imagery (CGI), making for an unparalleled visual experience. While filmmakers and critics are discussing how the technological advancements will change the way that movies […]