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The Trees Aren’t Paranoid. There is Something Out to Get Them.

Ever see a field guide to the trees of North America? They’re hefty, with lots of pictures or drawings of elms, poplars, spruces, maples and such. But have you ever seen a field guide to trees of a tropical region, such as the Chocó or the Congo Basin? I haven’t. And you know why? Because […]


Ronald Rodriguez

Ronald Rodriguez studied accounting and specialized in management of social development projects from international technical cooperation funds. He has worked at CEDIA for more than 15 years, helping to strengthen the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon, located in southeast (Cusco) and northeast (Loreto) of Peru, in issues of communal management for self support.


Angel Virgilio Narvaez Rueda

Angel started working at the Jocotoco Foundation as a park ranger for the Utuana Reserve in May 2002. His activities include maintaining the trails and keeping the hummingbird feeders clean and supplied. The bird that he likes the most is the Tufted Tyt-Tyrant.


Ramiro Mendoza Armijos

Ramiro began his work at Fundación Jocotoco in March 2005. He is happy to work in conservation. For him, it is a privilege to be able to work in nature while he is monitoring birds, taking photographs or feeding the Jocotoco, which is his favorite bird. He would like to do all he can to […]


Franco Mendoza Armijos

Franco Mendoza is a conservationist, environmentalist, and wildlife lover. During the past 19 years, he has been working for Fundación Jocotoco and he is one of their team members that was there from the very beginning. He works as a park ranger at the Tapichalaca Reserve, and among the activities he enjoys doing the most […]


Rulman Gerónimo Tanguila Mamallacta

Gerónimo Tanguila has, during the time that he has worked for Fundación Jocotoco, learned many things about conservation. His job is to protect various species of flora and fauna, and it fills him with pride as a forest ranger because he is supporting the conservation of wildlife. He tries his best to spread the message […]


Mario Ricardo Pilataxi Nieto

Mario always says: “Without wings, no one would dream of flying.” He has been working for 6 years with Fundación Jocotoco and during this time he has learned a lot about birds, mammals, and reptiles. He believes that wild animals need our help, and that through his work he tries his best to give them […]


Alex Francisco Arellano Cuenca

Alex started working for Fundación Jocotoco in January 2007. Learning about conservation was was very important to him. He really likes to accompany tourists and show them the birds. His favorite species is the Pale browed Tinamou.


Juan Pedro Maza Cando

Juan’s experiences in conservation began when he started working for Fundación Jocotoco in April 2005. It was the best thing that has happened to him so far. Thanks to his job, he has new knowledge. He enjoys monitoring work and learning more about birds. His favorite bird is the Henna Hooded Foliage Gleaner.