PURCHASED: Establishing the Podocarpus-El Condor Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador

spectacled bearPROJECT SNAPSHOT

LOCATION: Southern extreme of Ecuador

SIZE: 4,218 acres

KEY SPECIES: White-breasted Parakeet, Golden-plumed Parrot, Spectacled Bear, Mountain Tapir

HABITAT: Andean Tropical Forest; Montane Cloud Forest

THREATS: Increased access from road construction, clearing of forest for agriculture, colonization

ACTION:  Critical land purchases for conservation; watershed protection

LOCAL PARTNERS Naturaleza y Cultura

FINANCIAL NEED: Ongoing support to buy additional properties and help protected area staff.

Podocarpus Reserve
Harpy Eagle
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Project Update: The land highlighted in this project has been purchased. But additional land will become available during 2013-2014 so donations are still being accepted.

The recently established Podocarpus-El Condor Biosphere Reserve encompasses two of the earth’s most important biodiversity “hot spots” in Ecuador’s southern forests, spanning the Andes.

The cloud forest alcharacterized by many as the most species-rich forest ecosystem in the world. Botanically, the forests around the Podocarpus National Park, a core area within the biosphere reserve, possibly contain the highest total number of plant species in any of the world’s tropical forests

The region is home to 600 bird species, including 61 species of hummingbirds. Charismatic mammals include rare Mountain Tapirs and Spectacled Bears. The indigenous Shuar and Saraguro people are deeply connected to these forests and are dependable partners in forest management.

Especially interesting is the Cordillera del Condor range, an older mountain chain that is physically separate from the younger Andes. Its upraised “Tufa” is similar to formations in Venezuela but is biologically distinct from the surrounding lowland Amazon forests. The Condor region connects to the incredibly species-rich Podocarpus National Park via the Nangaritza valley.

Rainforest Trust is pursuing a number of land purchase projects in the region with our partners. Your support will secure private properties located in strategic zones of the corridor at approx. $100 per acre.

Map of the Project Area

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