COMPLETE: Earth Day 2012

Las Tangaras ReservePROJECT SNAPSHOT

LOCATION: Rainforests in Colombia, Ecuador, and Guatemala

SIZE: 60% of all land biodiversity on earth

KEY SPECIES:  60% of all land biodiversity on earth

HABITAT: Lowland Rainforest to highland Cloud Forest

THREATS: Deforestation, cattle and crops, infrastructure, mining

ACTION: Save TWO acres for Earth Day for only $100


FINANCIAL NEED: $100 for TWO acres

Earth Day 2012
Las Tangaras
Orangutan byDavid Wynia

Project Update: The land highlighted in this project has been purchased. Additional land will become available so donations are still being accepted.

Did you know? Rainforests are the richest places on earth holding the majority of the planet’s biodiversity; 25 of the richest biodiversity hotspots cover just 1.4% of the surface of the planet yet contain more than 60% of all terrestrial biodiversity.

We are losing these rainforests and species at an unprecedented rate due to the devastating effects of deforestation for timber, conversion to farmland, infrastructure projects, and mining.

Rainforest Trust works with local partners to purchase and protect these precious rainforests for just $100 per acre. This Earth Day, show you care by donating to Rainforest Trust to help us preserve rainforest acres.

Thanks to generous support from the Rainforest Trust Board and Ann Kruglak of Mystic Dreamer Art, any gift made during the week of Earth Day 2012 was matched, dollar for dollar, allowing each donation to double its impact! For every $100 donated, TWO acres were saved forever.