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Blue-eyed Ground-dove Chick Spotted in Rainforest Trust Reserve

In January 2018, Rainforest Trust worked closely with local partner Sociedade para a Conservação das Aves do Brasil (SAVE Brasil) to protect the Critically Endangered Blue-eyed Ground-dove through designating the 1,466-acre Blue-eyed Ground-dove Reserve in southeastern Brazil. The following July, the Minas Gerias state government designated the Botumirim State Park nearby. The two protected areas […]


UN Reports Monumental Rate of Global Biodiversity and Rainforest Loss

This week, the UN released its first comprehensive report on global biodiversity. The findings are alarming, stating that species loss is accelerating at a rate unprecedented in human history — potentially hundreds of times faster than in the past. The 39-page report summarizes drivers of biodiversity loss such as habitat fragmentation, deforestation and pollution. But […]


Voices from the Rainforest: Eugène Mibog Diyouke, Conservation Fellow

Rainforest Trust projects thrive thanks to the important conservation work of people on the ground. Our Voices from the Rainforest series brings you news from our projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific — from the perspectives of those working in and for the rainforests. From Economist to Conservationist Eugène Mibog Diyouke works […]


Use Technology to Think Like a Tiny Primate

Conservation and animal rights advocates have always anthropomorphized nonhuman animals to inspire empathy. And for good reason: it’s hard to look into the eyes of a sad pup while Sarah McLachlan sings and not feel a kinship with the creature. But those clips always seemed shallow, at least for conservation science. As conservationists, we preach […]


Christie’s Will Offer Jonas Wood’s Japanese Garden 3 (2019) Benefitting Rainforest Conservation

New York — On May 15, Christie’s New York Post-War and Contemporary evening sale will commence with the auction of Jonas Wood’s Japanese Garden 3, a large-scale painting to benefit Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC). The proceeds will fund a 600,000-acre reserve of South American rainforest that will aid the area’s biodiversity including protecting several native endangered species […]


Efrain Cepeda Duran

Efraín Cepeda Duran is North Reserve Director of the Jocotoco-Ecuador Foundation. He joined the Foundation in 2007 as a Reforestation assistant in the Yanacocha reserve. This forest is truly spectacular due to its scenic beauty and the multiple functions it fulfills within the ecosystem. As North Reserve Director, he manages the reserves of Yanacocha, Antisanilla, […]


Private Reserve Expansion in Ecuador Strengthens Protection of Premier National Park

The Nangaritza Valley in southern Ecuador holds the country’s densest concentration of biodiversity. Lush lowlands surrounded by cloud-covered mountains boast diverse habitats and unique wildlife. But human interests such as logging threaten the valley’s foothill forests. So this month, Rainforest Trust and partner Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional purchased 268 acres of rainforest to expand the […]


Land Purchase Completed for Endangered Parrots in Mexico

The Monte Mojino Reserve, in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, is mainly tropical dry forest. This forest type is one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems. Only 5% of tropical dry forests anywhere overlap with protected areas — putting this habitat and the species that rely on it in danger of extinction. Rainforest Trust has […]