Strategic New Expansion of El Dorado

Rainforest Trust

Dec 3, 2015

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Five new thatched-roof cabins or “Kogui Habs” constructed at El Dorado.

Over the past decade, Rainforest Trust’s Colombian partner Fundación ProAves has acquired properties around its flagship El Dorado Nature Reserve in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The journal Science named the area the “Most Irreplaceable Site on Earth” of all protected areas worldwide, owing to an extraordinary diversity of plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet.

  • Photo by Rainforest Trust
  • Photo by Rainforest Trust
  • Photo by Rainforest Trust

With the help of its supporters, Rainforest Trust recently supplied crucially needed funds to purchase properties that provide a vital connection between two separate areas of the reserve, consolidating El Dorado Reserve to 2,972 acres. Boasting the highest concentration of endemic birds in the world, this reserve protects the world’s breeding stronghold of the Santa Marta Parakeet along with a host of other endemic plants, amphibians and birds.

To ensure a long-term revenue stream as a sustainable source of income to manage ProAves’ network of nature reserves, Rainforest Trust also supported the construction of five traditional thatched cabins called “Kogui Habs” that now sit atop one of El Dorado’s ridges, providing incredible contrasting views of the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Range and tropical Caribbean beaches below.

The completion of these beautiful new cabins is a welcome addition to El Dorado Reserve’s ecotourism facilities, giving wildlife enthusiasts and birders from around the world even more reason to visit what has been called one of the Holy Grails of birding in the Americas.

This latest land purchase to expand and consolidate El Dorado Reserve was made possible thanks to Marshall-Reynolds Foundation and an anonymous donor. The construction of the five new ecotourism cabins at the reserve was supported by the Thomas Henry Wilson and Family Foundation.

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