Supporter Spotlight: Rainforest Sunglasses

Rainforest Trust

Nov 28, 2016


Promoting a culture of environmental sustainability among travelers and adventurers while saving the rainforest.

Rainforest Sunglasses is an eco-friendly company that invests a portion of its profits from its handcrafted eyewear into conservation. It came into existence as an escape from the grind of everyday life.

Patrick Atallah, the company’s founder, first imagined the idea behind the brand while hiking in the forest. He explains, “Nature has a centering effect on us. It is quiet, calm, beautiful and inspiring…and yet with all of its benefits, we realize that it is dwindling at a rapid rate. Because of nature’s importance in our lives, it became the inspiration for Rainforest Sunglasses.”

  • Patrick Atallah, founder of Rainforest Sunglasses

Next year for further inspiration, Patrick will travel to the Amazon rainforest for the first time. But for now, his vision is that Rainforest Sunglasses will bring together a group of travelers and adventurers who can share stories of the beautiful places and incredible people they have encountered, all while supporting the natural world they cherish.

As a result, most of the company’s handcrafted wood sunglasses are designed for an active lifestyle and fashioned from bamboo, an extremely reliable and sustainable raw material. Bamboo is a rapid-growing grass that can be harvested every four to five years, as opposed to commercial tree species that can take anywhere from 25-70 years to reach maturity. Bamboo is both resistant to water and a naturally antibacterial fiber, making it an ideal material for manufacturing.

To further support nature and conservation, Patrick has chosen to donate to Rainforest Trust a portion of every purchase made at Rainforest Sunglasses. He explains, “When we were researching conservation organizations, we were immediately drawn to Rainforest Trust because 100 percent of our project donations go to support conservation throughout the world. This was extremely important to us because we wanted to know that the money we were raising was truly going to make a tangible impact.”

Rainforest Sunglasses is collaborating with Rainforest Trust this Cyber Monday, November 28th. With any online order, use the code RainforestTrust and 10 percent of your purchase will go directly to Rainforest Trust’s Pangolin Fund. Donations to this fund will help Rainforest Trust preserve vital forest habitat for several endangered pangolin species that are in urgent need of protection.