Supporter Spotlight: Dr. Brittany Goldberg

Rainforest Trust

Dec 10, 2016


An enthusiastic environmentalist makes a commendable commitment to conservation.

  • Rainforest Trust supporter Dr. Brittany Goldberg enjoys spending her free time in nature. Photo courtesy of Dr. Brittany Goldberg.

An environmentalist at heart and keenly aware of her relationship with the world around her, Rainforest Trust supporter Dr. Brittany Goldberg drives a hybrid vehicle and has been a vegetarian since the age of 13. Though she has never traveled to the rainforest, she has donated to protect 344 acres of rainforests worldwide – all the way from Brazil to Sumatra.

In September, Brittany celebrated her one year anniversary as a Rainforest Trust supporter and is now thrilled to be participating in the organization’s new monthly giving program called Roots – particularly because the automatic monthly donations are so simple and fit well into her busy lifestyle.

Like many supporters, Brittany has a full schedule, which for her includes working as a medical officer at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by day while picking up occasional rotations at the hospital in her spare time. Fortunately, the new Roots program helps her to give back without the time commitment some of her other activities require.

As a network of committed supporters, Roots members donate monthly to ensure Rainforest Trust’s urgent conservation work. In return, they receive quarterly rewards via email of behind-the-scenes photos, videos, stories and project updates about the places they are helping to protect.

After thoroughly researching similar nonprofit organizations, Brittany chose to support Rainforest Trust above the rest because of its high ranking on Guide Star that indicates a great level of transparency, financial efficiency and program effectiveness.

“I’m most interested in a return on investment and having a high impact,” Brittany said. “I decided it was time for me to give back, and I researched some charities with missions that interested me.”

With the click of a button, Brittany was able to register her monthly Roots donation, committing to support Rainforest Trust’s conservation efforts and project sites across the planet. Now she can sit back and help celebrate the victories as national parks and reserves are established worldwide.