Strategic Purchase of Araucaria Forest Acres Protects Brazilian Parrots

Lauren Colegrove

Jan 25, 2017

NewsProtected Areas

116 acres of the Araucaria Forest are now protected from the threat of deforestation and provide refuge for Endangered birds in Brazil.


Rainforest Trust partner Associação Amigos do Meio Ambiente (AMA) secured 116 acres to create the High Altitude Parrot Reserve (Reserva Natural Papagaios-de-Altitude) in the Araucaria Forest, which is part of the Santa Catarina Highlands.

The Santa Catarina Highlands are home to the largest remaining population of the Endangered Vinaceous-breasted Parrot. Of the 2,500 remaining individuals, half are found in the Santa Catarina Highlands. Other imperiled regional birds include the Endangered Crowned Solitary Eagle and the Vulnerable Red-spectacled Parrot. The High Altitude Parrot Reserve is located within an area designated as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International, and Brazil’s Ministry of Environment has designated the area a high priority for conservation efforts.

Creation of the High Altitude Parrot Reserve preserves an important fragment of the Araucaria Forest found in the Santa Catarina Highlands, while supporting populations of threatened bird species. Cleared and degraded areas are being reforested with native plants and AMA is working with the owners of neighboring lands to build partnerships and encourage local involvement in conservation efforts.

Rainforest Trust thanks all of its supporters that helped to make possible the creation of the High Altitude Parrot Reserve, especially IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands and an anonymous donor.