Rainforest Trust Supports Continued Enhancement of Conservation Skills

Lauren Colegrove

Jul 13, 2017


A member of Rainforest Trust’s Indonesian conservation partner completes a prestigious training program through financial support from Rainforest Trust.

  • Tomy Mubaraq from Rainforest Trust's partner KEHUS attending the DESMAN program. Photo courtesy of Tomy Mubaraq.

The Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate (DESMAN) is a 12-week training program conducted by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Academy in the Channel Islands that provides conservationists with research, management and conflict resolution skills that can be applied to their field projects. Rainforest Trust helped sponsor the attendance of Tomy Hosni Mubaraq, who is the Manager Assistant of the Security Department from Yayasan Konservasi Ekosistem Hutan Sumatera (KEHUS), one of Rainforest Trust’s partners working in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem in Sumatra.

“Since my specialization is in tropical jungle survival and land navigation, I train [local people] in the basic skills needed to be a ranger,” said Mubaraq. “In addition to maintaining the security of the area, [KEHUS] has the challenge of raising the awareness of local people and working together on protecting the forest.”

During the conference, participants discussed the conservation of biodiversity, the drivers of species decline, the use of technology in the field, project management and the importance of community engagement. In addition to lectures by management trainers and biologists, the visiting conservationists also engaged in hands-on workshops, such as one where they debated shoot-to-kill policies for poachers and used conflict resolution techniques as they discussed the issue.

  • Tomy Mubaraq receives a certificate during the training. Photo courtesy of Tomy Mubaraq.

Participants also shared some of the current threats to biodiversity in their respective countries, which Mubaraq said for Indonesia includes oil palm plantations, deforestation, pollution, climate change, hunting, mining and illegal logging. Rainforest Trust is currently supporting KEHUS in the protection of Sumatra’s Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem, which is vital habitat for Sumatran Elephants, Tigers and Orangutans.

“Tomy is an impressive conservationist,” said Dr. Bert Harris, Rainforest Trust’s Director of Biodiversity Conservation. “I saw him in action during a site visit to Bukit Tigapuluh.”

“Tomy is learning critical skills at this workshop that I’m sure will further his efforts to defend Bukit Tigapuluh from illegal logging and poaching.”