Moustached Bird Appears on Dracula Property

Ethan Freedman

Oct 5, 2017


According to the IUCN Red List, the Moustached Puffbird (Malacoptila mystacalis) is native to Colombia and Venezuela.

Wait, scratch that.

The bird was just seen in Ecuador for the first time, in Fundacion EcoMinga’s Dracula Reserve. A group of ornithologists spotted not only one, but four puffbirds on the property, believed to be two mating pairs. Previously, the species’ range map extended from northern Venezuela through western Colombia, near the border with Ecuador but not across it. So far, the Dracula Reserve — near the border with Colombia — is the only place in Ecuador with a Moustached Puffbird sighting.

  • The first Moustached Puffbird of Ecuador. Photo by Alex Boas.

Working with local partner Fundacion EcoMinga, Rainforest Trust supported the Dracula Reserve’s creation and is currently supporting a 1,475- acre expansion of the reserve. The Dracula Reserve is home to many species, including the iconic “Dracula” orchids for which it is named.

This exciting discovery is further evidence of how much is still waiting to be discovered in the tropics and how much we still have to learn about the life histories of many species.

We’re delighted to be partnering with EcoMinga to purchase additional key habitat in the region in order to expand the Dracula Reserve and are eager to learn if the puffbird–and any other surprise species–might be waiting to be discovered on these new properties.

Check out this video footage of the discovery!

For More Information and to Support This Project: Land Purchase Campaign to Save Ecuadorian Cloud Forest