First Step in Ecuadorian Great Green Macaw Reintroduction

Ethan Freedman

Sep 19, 2017


Last month, Rainforest Trust partner Fundación Jocotoco transferred ten Great Green Macaws (Ara ambiguus) to flight cages in Ecuador’s Ayampe Reserve, a Rainforest Trust supported project.

The birds will live in the flight cages for two months until released into the reserve. With luck, this release will lead to a bolstered wild Great Green Macaw population in Ecuador, where the species (listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List) have seen especially low population numbers.

Carolyn Sedgwick, Rainforest Trust’s Latin America Conservation Officer said, “Rainforest Trust is delighted Jocotoco is assisting the return of this remarkable species to its native habitat and is hopeful the Great Green Macaw population will recover with time and with the assistance of proactive conservation efforts throughout its range.”

Check out the video to see the birds transferred to their temporary residence:

Footage courtesy of Fundación Jocotoco.