Consulting Firm Teams with Rainforest Trust to Save Tropical Forest

Rainforest Trust

Mar 4, 2015


Over the past five years, BTS USA has helped Rainforest Trust protect 500 acres of threatened Colombian rainforest. The firm’s financial donations have helped with the establishment of the Las Tangaras Reserve in the Chocó rainforest of Colombia as well as the proposed El Jaguar Nature Reserve in the central part of the country.

For more than 25 years, BTS has partnered with many of the world’s best companies to turn their strategies into results—by focusing on their people. Bringing exceptional business and industry experience, the company designs fun, powerful experiences that have an enduring impact on individuals and organizations, inspiring new ways of thinking, building critical capabilities, and accelerating results. Though BTS does not have a visible contribution on greenhouse gas emissions, the nature of the firm’s work with clients has an indirect impact.

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In 2010, BTS’s Environmental Committee—devoted to identifying, promoting and enabling sustainable business practices—sought to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.

The committee recognized that rainforests, some of the largest carbon sinks on the planet, are being deforested at an alarming rate, an action contributing to the millions of tons of carbon dioxide released annually into the atmosphere.

“At BTS USA, we remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint to around zero each year, offsetting the emissions accumulated by consultants’ travel, and we have decided that the best way to achieve this goal is to preserve rainforest acreage each year,” said Christian Solberg, Director at BTS.

Impressed by Rainforest Trust’s operational efficiency and strong record of land protection, BTS USA made its first donation to Rainforest Trust in 2010 to help acquire 100 acres. These first acres helped with the creation of Las Tangaras Reserve. Since then, BTS has annually supported the acquisition of 100 acres of rainforest at Las Tangaras and, more recently, at El Jaguar as part of its efforts to prevent carbon release from tropical deforestation.

In addition to helping reduce global climate change, the standing forests at both Las Tangaras and El Jaguar provide homes to thousands of plant and animal species, many of which are endangered throughout their ranges. Some of the wildlife species include Critically Endangered Colombian Woolly Monkeys, Amazonian River Dolphins, Jaguars, Chocó Vireos, and Gold-ringed Tanagers.

BTS has seen benefits from its relationship with Rainforest Trust from two perspectives – with clients and employees. Both groups are pleased to learn of the company’s sustainability strategy and commitment.

“A critical part of our success as a business is dependent on our ability to attract and retain great talent, and our relationship with Rainforest Trust helps us address environmental issues that are important to many of our people,” added Mr. Solberg.

“Over the last five years, BTS has demonstrated an inspiring commitment to protecting our planet’s most endangered species and the threatened forests that they depend upon for survival. We applaud the strong example BTS USA sets for environmental action in the business community and look forward to continuing our conservation efforts with the company in the years to come,” said Christine Hodgdon, International Conservation Manager for Rainforest Trust.