2012 in Review

Beunaventura Reserve

Effective conservation took place across South America in 2012. From expanding the San Rafael Reserve in Paraguay to launching the new 7,076-acre Las Tangaras Reserve in the highly threatened Chocó rainforest of Colombia, Rainforest Trust has worked tirelessly to advance the protection of the most endangered species and tropical forests.

In 2012 we have helped save 162,693 acres of threatened habitat for wildlife across six countries and nine sites. We have 29 projects currently underway by Rainforest Trust thanks to your support. Together, we have made great strides in achieving permanent protection of endangered species and rainforests.

For example, our Peruvian partner, CEDIA, identified 148,410 acres of highly endangered Amazonian rainforest in eastern Peru that were unprotected and assigned to oil exploration. With indigenous community support, we provided solid documentation to the Peruvian government to justify the protection of this area. Today, we’re delighted to report that this 148,410-acre rainforest has been permanently protected and assigned to the Matsés Communal Reserve.

With your generosity, we can continue to purchase and protect unique yet endangered habitats and species forever.