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Success for African Amphibian Conservation through the Creation of New Reserve

The Ngandja Natural Reserve has been recently established thanks to Rainforest Trust’s local partner, donors and other supporters, safeguarding over 700,000 acres in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The newly established Ngandja Natural Reserve protects the northern part of Misotshi-Kabogo, an area within the DRC that is of critical importance for amphibian, bird […]


New National Park Offers Protection for Forest Elephants in Liberia

Thanks to Rainforest Trust’s local partner, donors and other supporters, the 219,609-acre Gola Forest National Park– only the second National Park in Liberia– was declared on September 22. This new Park protects part of the Guinean Forest of West Africa, which contains astonishing levels of endemic plant and animal life. Rainforest Trust worked with local […]


Celebrating World Cassowary Day

World Cassowary Day, celebrated on September 24, highlights the importance of these threatened birds to rainforest ecosystems. Combine two Papuan words—“kasu,” meaning horned, and “weri,” referring to head— and you get the name as well as description of one of the largest birds on earth. The shape and markings of the cassowary’s helmet-like casque are […]


Supporter Spotlight: Oceans Connect

Two nature enthusiasts bike across South America to raise funds for the Amazon. Amy Tunstall and Jake Wilcox are no strangers to the open road; both are avid bicyclists with a taste for adventure and passion for experiencing the natural world. Following the conclusion of the recent Olympics hosted in Brazil, Amy and Jake have […]


Supporter Spotlight: Richard Jones, Rainforest Ceramics

Former Member of the New South Wales Upper House, Richard Jones is a lifelong advocate for the environment. He now utilizes his love of producing ceramics to protect the rainforest and its endangered species that are so dear to his heart. Richard Jones has worn many hats over the years: publisher, environmental NGO founder, member […]


$100 Million Initiative to Create New Protected Areas for Endangered Species

At a recent international conference, Rainforest Trust announced a major initiative to help establish Protected Areas across the tropics. Rainforest Trust has launched the SAVES (Safeguarding Areas Vital to Endangered Species) Challenge at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress (WCC) in Hawaii. Through this initiative, Rainforest Trust has committed to […]


Spectacled Bear Cubs Sighted in Ecuadorean Reserves

Three Spectacled Bear cubs were seen in reserves created by Rainforest Trust’s partner Fundación Jocotoco in Ecuador. Spectacled Bear cubs—named for their distinctive spectacle– like facial markings— have been spotted at the Antisanilla and Tapichalaca Reserves in Ecuador. The only bear species found in South America, their populations are decreasing due to habitat destruction and […]


Opening of the IUCN World Conservation Congress

Rainforest Trust’s CEO Dr. Paul Salaman and conservation officers are in Hawaii for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress (WCC). Paul’s reflections about the conference’s purpose and how it aligns with Rainforest Trust’s mission are below. Today saw the opening of the World Conservation Congress (WCC), a meeting held […]


Perspectives and Experiences in the Peruvian Amazon

This summer, Protected Area Conservation Intern Sara Velander worked with Rainforest Trust partner CEDIA to assist with community projects in Peru. Sara’s reflections on her experiences are below. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Sara and I am an undergraduate student at College of the Atlantic (Bar Harbor, ME) majoring in human ecology […]


Tropic Topics: Rainforest Trust President, Dr. Robert Ridgely

Think you know what it takes to make an impact in the world of conservation? Tune in to Rainforest Trust’s Tropic Topics podcast below to learn how a renowned ornithologist first became fascinated by birds and how his passion for exploration and discovery fuels his research and conservation efforts. Rainforest Trust President Dr. Robert Ridgely […]