Leovigildo Cabrera

As an avid birdwatcher, Leovigildo Cabrera is aptly employed to safeguard the endangered El Oro parakeet, an endemic species discovered by Rainforest Trust’s president Dr. Ridgely in 1980. 

His work monitoring artificial nests for the El Oro parakeet has provided new behavioral data that has improved conservation efforts and proved integral to the species’ survival.

Due to dedicated guards like Leovigildo, the Buenaventura Reserve protects one of the largest tracts of cloud forest remaining in southwestern Ecuador, providing a home to over 30 endangered bird species.

“Working with Fundación Jocotoco since 2007 has helped me understand that people are an intrinsic part of nature, which we must respect and protect for future generations.”

Photo by Fundación Jocotoco

José Urrestty

Peru: Matsés National Reserve

Leonires Cabrera

Ecuador: Jorupe Reserve

Luis Hernández

Colombia: El Paujíl Nature Reserve

Raul Becerra

Colombia: Chamicero de Perijá Reserve

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