Dr. Bert Harris

Berton (Bert) is an ornithologist with a strong desire to do conservation on the ground.

He has expert knowledge on the birds of Southeast Asia and the Neotropics, and a history of doing research with real conservation impact. Bert first visited a rainforest at age 10 and was sure he wanted to study tropical birds at age 16 after observing the display of the Long-tailed Manakin in Costa Rica. Early in his career, his research on the Esmeraldas Woodstar with the Jocotoco Foundation led to the creation of a reserve for the species. For his Ph.D. at the University of Adelaide he studied the effects of climate change and habitat loss on birds in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. During his postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University he studied how the wildlife trade has impacted bird populations in Sumatra. He has published widely in the peer reviewed literature on the ecology and conservation of tropical birds. Now he seeks to apply his knowledge to optimize conservation work.

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