Kids 4 Rainforests

Kids 4 Rainforests

Students, classes, and kids have helped raise real dollars to save real rainforest acres over the years for Rainforest Trust. In fact, over the last 5 years, more than $10,000 has been raised for Rainforest Trust by kids just like you!  Kids do make a difference…Kids do stop rainforest destruction…Kids are 4 Rainforests!

To be a Kid 4 Rainforest, host an event, club, or other activity to raise money for Rainforest Trust. For every $100 raised, an acre of rainforest is saved forever.

Print our short guide to hosting an activity or fundraiser for Rainforest Trust. It includes ideas, suggested directions, and other success stories You can do it!

You donation will earn you and/or your class a custom-made, signed certificate showing the number of acres you saved forever. Rainforest Trust will also feature your project on our News page if you email us details and some photos.

Be a Kid 4 Rainforests today! Click here for more information!

Success Stories for Kids 4 Rainforests:

Robert Massicott, age 12, raised $1,200 to protect endangered species.

Middletown Area Middle School raised $1,200 to protect Brazil's Atlantic Rainforests and the Cotton-top Tamarin by selling paper trees and root beer floats.

Adya Veeraraghaven, age 8, saved rainforest acres with lemonade and brownies.

Sarina Rubin, age 12, saved 11 acres for her Bat Mitzvah.

St. Clement's students raised $250 to save Amazonian Rainforests in Peru with a Jungle Market.

Children's club Wild Over Wildlife 'WOW' raised $520 to save the Cotton-Top Tamarin by hosting a Rainforest Party.

Middletown Area Middle School raised $2,000 in one week to protect the Esmeraldas Woodstar by selling root beer floats.

Students from Buckland, Alaska raised $1,300 to save 26 acres of Colombian rainforest by collecting coins.


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