Carlos works in the Sierra Santa Cruz protected area, where he leads water recharge monitoring and protection activities. He began his conservation work as president of the community of Sahliá’s water committee in 1986.


Originally from Tamagás Creek Village, as an active member of the community José has been working since age 22 to conserve the water sources that supply his community. To protect the forests located in the core area of the Jalaute sector in the Sierra Santa Cruz Special Protection Area, he currently works as a resource guardian for FUNDAECO. José conducts environmental education activities, patrols the core area of the protected area, and serves as a translator in activities with indigenous Q’ueqchi-speaking groups.


Matheus Gomes da Silva is a young REGUA park ranger in the Guapiaçu Valley, regularly patrolling the portion of the REGUA reserve which was previously Lagoinha farm. Having grown up in the area and particularly passionate about birds, he has always aspired to be a REGUA ranger like his uncle Messias Gomes, who has been working for REGUA for eight years. Matheus’ appointment as a ranger is the culmination of a life-long dream.

Picass Amiral Hie

A crayfish fisherman (diver) and tree planter, since September 2017, he has been working as an Ecoguard with CEM on sea turtle conservation in the village of Roc.

Carlos Robinson Quiro Chiripua

Carlos Robinson Quiro Chiripua, is indigenous to the Embera ethnic group (Eperarara Siapidara) of the Choco forest. He works as a local technician implementing Foundation Ecohabitats and Rainforest Trust’s collaborative project blocking illegal gold mining to protect the Endangered and endemic Golden Poison Frog. He is the environmental leader of his community and has fought for the conservation of his territory. He is in charge of motivating the leaders of his reservation so that they can create a protected area and is responsible for convening meetings, and for community participation in the process. Once the protected area is established in 2019, he will be the park ranger coordinator. He is the first young man in his community to attend a blended-format university.