Shumani Makwarela

Shumani was born and raised in Venda, Limpopo province, South Africa, and has a National Diploma in Nature Conservation from the University of South Africa (UNISA). As a senior field ranger, Shumani is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day running of Medike Nature Reserve, including activities such as supervising Soutpansberg Protected Area (SPA) field rangers, identifying and mapping alien species sites to be cleared, regular monitoring of cleared sites, anti-poaching operations, eco-tourism ventures within neighbouring SPA communities, detecting and controlling illegal activities in the SPA (in conjunction with the manager), by patrolling, collecting strategic biodiversity and habitat data in the SPA, and assisting with LBSP, The Limpopo Province’s Biodiversity Stewardship Programme in the western Soutpansberg, in collaboration with the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET).

Leon Bitterbos

Leon Bitterbos has two children, a boy and a girl, whom he works to support. Leon is a hard-working person and good with chainsaws, which he uses to clear alien invasives from the reserve.

Angelo Davids

Angelo Davids is a quiet young person who is interested in sports. He likes to work in nature and is interested in the environment and conservation. His goal is to build a future for himself working on the reserve.

Pieter Jack

Pieter Jack is a 24-year-old with a baby daughter. Pieter is a friendly person with a kind personality. He likes cricket as a sport and as a hobby. He is very interested in nature and wants to learn more about conservation.

Hermanus van der Ross

Hermanus van der Ross is a 56-year-old with a wife and four children. Hermanus left school at grade 4 because there was no transport for the kids to go to school in the Karoo. He is a positive person and hard working, who works to support his family.

Juan Ramón Díaz del Ángel

Juan is originally from Tempoal Veracruz, Mexico. He is currently monitoring parrots in the project “Protection of parrots in danger of extinction in Mexico” at Rancho Los Colorados.

Salome Rivera Vázquez

Salome is originally from Antiguo Morelos, Tamaulipas. He is currently monitoring parrots in the project “Protection of parrots in danger of extinction in Mexico” at the Rancho Regalo de Dios.

Gregorio Torres García

Gregorio is from the Ejido Santa Juana, Altamira, Tamaulipas. He is currently working monitoring parrots in the project “Protection of parrots in danger of extinction in Mexico” in the Ejido Santa Juana.


Syamsuar is the Leuser Conservation Forum’s (FKL) Project Leader for the Suaq Restoration Project in Aceh Selatan. He has been involved in the conservation of the Leuser Ecosystem for the last 26 years. Previously a research station manager at Sikundur Research Station and Suaq Balimbing Research Station, Syamsuar loves to spend his free time bird-watching and observing wildlife. His colleagues on the frontline nickname Syamsuar “The Professor” because of his vast knowledge on different plants across the Leuser Ecosystem and their relationship with wildlife and humans.

Martin Timba

Timba Martin has been working with Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society for more than sixteen years as an Outboard Pilot. He has spent most of his career in the field. He has participated in studies for the gazettement of Douala-Edea coastal Atlantic landscape as a National Park. He also participates in conducting carbon stock estimation, and biodiversity surveys in the Douala-Edea national park as well as water birds count along the coastal area of Cameroon. His daily tasks consist of transporting teams and materials with outboard engines in marine and estuarine areas, assisting in rural outreach, in inventory and measurement of aquatic forests (mangroves) and in field data collection.