Jonalyn B. Lavega

Jonalyn Lavega — from Sitio Little Baguio, Barangay Mendoza, Roxas, Palawan — is the field coordinator for the Mendoza Protected Watershed Area. She is responsible for the establishment of the warden program in the protected area, supervising the work of eight wardens and often joining them on patrol and assisting in setting camera traps for monitoring work. Jonalyn also liaises with local government and partners to ensure good project progress. She loves working with nature and people, and the challenges of informing people about the importance of sustainable resource use.

Wang Chhedar Lama

Wang Chhedar Lama is currently working on the Lumbasumba Conservation Project/ Sankhuwasabha learning ground (SLG) as district coordinator. He is originally from Sankhuwasabha district Bhotkhola -4 (Siprung). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and is currently working on a Master’s degree on Rural Development. He has 17 years of work experience on climate change, forest management, write up OP/constitution of CFUG, Forest inventory, GIS/ GPS, good governance, biodiversity and the environmental conservation sector. During his project period, he has worked in very remote areas of the different districts (Solukhombhu, Taplejung, and Sankhuwasabha.)

Ganga Limbu

Ganga Limbu is the first youth fellow of KTK-BELT, working in the areas of participatory mapping, social research and environmental education. She’s currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan. She was born into a large family in Mukten village of Bhedetar VDC. Since she was young, she has received scholarships from Phulmaya Foundation and most recently received a scholarship for her Bachelor’s degree. She’s currently living in Satisale village, Yangshila. Along with doing research in the existing education curriculum, she’s interested in learning different software, including ArcGIS, AutoCAD and Sketch up.

Shankar Bhusal

Shankar is a qualified member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, UK). He also possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business studies from Tribhuwan University and currently is pursuing his Master’s. He has over three years of experience in an Audit Firm, R.K. Associates, Chartered Accountants, as a senior auditor handling the accounting assignments & conducting the internal/external audits of various organizations having diverse goals, including some NGOs/INGO/projects such as Shanti Med Nepal Switzerland, Nepal SokaGakkai International, Kiran Namaste Nepal and project audits carried out by Kathmandu University with collaboration with different consortium partners and an audit of “Revenue Administration Support’’ (RAS) Project carried out by GIZ.

Nitesh Singh

Nitesh is a wildlife enthusiast and researcher currently working on the Lumbasumba project. He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Central Department of Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University and has previous experience in wildlife studies at different elevational gradients of Nepal. He has assisted in two Ph.D. studies, particularly on dietary analysis of herbivore and carnivore species, as well as worked and volunteered in organizations like NTNC and WWF, which has enhanced his capabilities and further motivated him to acquire in-depth knowledge on faunal diversity.

Mohan Pandey

Mohan is currently working on the Lumbasumba Conservation Project as an ecologist. He is originally from Syangja district with a Master’s degree in Botany with specialization in ‘Ecology and Resource Management’ from the Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University. He is interested in research related to endangered plant species, use and harvesting patterns of wild plant resources, local ethnobotanical knowledge, impact study and management of invasive plant species, climate change and conservation. He has five years of experience in long-term vegetation monitoring, biodiversity conservation, invasive alien plant species, documentation of ethnobotanical knowledge and other aspects of ecology. During research projects, he has worked in various districts across Nepal, including the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL), Chitwan Annapurna Landscape (CHAL) and Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL).

Pema Lamu Bhutia

Pema Lamu Bhutia, originally from Chepuwa VDC, Sankhuwasabha District, holds a Bachelors in English from Bundelkhand University in Jhansi. She has worked as an assistant teacher at Clifton Hall Boarding School and Kamalodaya Academy School. As KTK-BELT’s Administrator and HR Coordinator, she brings rigor and professionalism to the workplace.

Wangchu Bhutia

Wangchu Bhutia, originally from Sankhuwasabha District, is the co-coordinator of the Lumbasumba Conservation Project. With a Bachelor’s degree in Science, he has over seven years of experience in biodiversity conservation, NTFP cultivation, nursery management and eco-tourism. He has worked with TMI, Red Panda Network and other conservation agencies throughout remote regions of Nepal. Since his arrival, Wangchu has already documented and mapped over 400 different plant species within Yangshila. Currently, he’s building an extensive database of scientific information about each plant to serve as a foundation for a GIS map, educational plant trails and a plant compendium.

Tiana Razafindratsita

Tiana is a biologist and is responsible for research and communication with other researchers at MICET. She graduated from the University of Antananarivo and got her Master’s degree in Ecology, specializing in Ornithology. She is involved in the implementation of ecological monitoring and other conservation aspects carried out in Vohibory forest.

Lydia Razafiarisoa

Lydia Razafiarisoa is the Finance and Human Resource officer of SADABE, serving since 2010. She studied Management and Marketing at Antananarivo University and IESTIM. Her dissertation to complete the Technician Superior Diploma on Management concerns the formalization of SADABE as a Malagasy National NGO.