Kagoya Esther

Ms. Kagoya Esther is a Ugandan conservationist. She holds a Masters in Fisheries Science from Pukyong National University in South Korea. Ms. Kagoya Esther has over 5 years of professional experience in natural resources and freshwater fisheries research. Currently, she is working as a Research Scientist for NAFIRRI in fish stock assessment, capture fisheries and biodiversity conservation. She is also working as a Field Officer a collaborative project with Rainforest Trust entitled “Securing a Global Freshwater Fish Hotspot on Lake Nyaguo, Uganda where she is charged with field operation planning and the implementation of field activities.

Paul Gacheru

Paul Gacheru is based in Kenya, working as a program manager in Nature Kenya – East Africa Natural History Society. His background is in wildlife conservation and management. His work involves reducing habitat pressure through science-led intervention to mitigate species extinction. One project that he leads is to save a critically endangered and endemic species of bird called the Taita Apalis (Apalis fuscigularis), one of the rarest birds in the world. Through land purchase funded by Rainforest Trust, the creation of conservation reserves and forest restoration helps to halt population decline of this important species.

Nonvie Pandeirot

Nonvie Pandeirot is (Yayasan Adudu Nantu Internasional) YANI’s Nantu Field Co-ordinator. She has 17 years full-time experience at Nantu and co-ordinates all YANI’s program activities and logistics. She has excellent working relationships with diverse stakeholders, from local communities to police and government partners.


Hassan is a wildlife and environmental enthusiast working as field assistant for Hirola Conservation Program (HCP) within the Bura East Conservancy. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Studies from the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA). He is passionate about wildlife photography, which he says is one of the most effective ways of telling wildlife stories. Hassan is motivated by field based conservation and is particularly interested in finding solutions that improve human-wildlife relations. He is particularly keen on saving endangered species such as the hirola, reticulated giraffes and Grevy’s Zebra. This has enhanced his capabilities and motivation to work with wildlife and the local community. He has an excellent understanding of the local environment and communities as he hails from the larger Garissa County.

Yenny Villa Diaz

Yenny is an expert in the formulation and technical, economic and environmental evaluation of projects. She joined ProAves as an environmental educator on the Loro Orejiamarillo project in 2016, and is currently the deputy director of the regional reserve program in the Northwest of Colombia.

Juan Carlos Luna Garcia

Juan Carlos is a founding member of ProAves. He played a decisive role in the establishment and protection of some of the most important private reserves in Colombia, has more than 20 years of experience as a field researcher, and participated in numerous research projects including expeditions to the most remote places in the country.

Alex Cortes Diago

Alex Cortes Diago is a founding member of ProAves. A biologist, he has discovered four new species for science, has promoted different projects for highly threatened birds, as well as spearheaded the consolidation of municipal areas of conservation importance. He has also participated in biological studies for the declaration of National Conservation Areas.

Rendra Bayu Tri Cahyono

Rendra’s specialization is in government and private sector engagement for PA protection and public outreach. He has been working part-time as a field coordinator with Yayasan Konservasi Rare Aquatic Species of Indonesia (RASI) since October 2016 and part-time running an English tutoring center for lower income students.

Novita Sari

Novita’s specialization is in community outreach and engagement within protected areas. After graduating with a degree in social and political sciences at Mulawarman University, Samarinda in 2015, she has been working full-time as a field coordinator with Yayasan Konservasi Rare Aquatic Species of Indonesia (RASI) since mid 2016. Prior to that, she worked on a community development project for clean water and village sanitation and as as reporter for local television news.

Rony A. Villanueva Fajardo

Rony A. Villanueva Fajardo has been working with indigenous communities and rural stakeholders for more than nine years in an important area for the conservation of natural resources and community forestry. He started work with El Centro para el Desarrollo del Indígena Amazónico (CEDIA) in 2014 as a specialist in Natural Resource Management and participatory conservation for the implementation of the expansion of the Airo Pai Communal Reserve.