Rainforest Ambassadors

Everyone, no matter their age, has the ability to protect rainforests and endangered species. Our Rainforest Ambassadors program is dedicated to engaging, empowering and educating a new generation of conservationists and rainforest stewards. The program fosters rainforest learning while providing students with meaningful opportunities to protect threatened forest.

Rainforest Ambassadors Brochure

Learn how you and your school can save threatened rainforest acres by becoming Rainforest Ambassadors.


Rainforest Ambassadors offers educational resources, creative ideas and practical support for youth projects that raise awareness and donations to protect rainforests. What makes Rainforest Ambassadors unique is that it not only promotes rainforest learning, but it also gives students the opportunity to protect rainforest by fostering effective fundraising activities.

Rainforest Curriculum

We offer rainforest-themed lesson plans for K-12 covering a wide range of subjects.



Want to help? Donate by mail to:

Rainforest Trust Ambassadors
7078 Airlie Road
Warrenton, VA 20187

Ideas & Stories

Rainforest Movie Night

Host a rainforest-themed movie night. Sell tickets or request donations.

Organize a Bird-a-thon

Organize a Bird-a-Thon to raise funds to protect their tropical...

BioBlitz for the Rainforest

Organize a BioBlitz by identifying as many different species of...

Bake Sale to Save Rainforest

Everyone loves tasty treats! Host a table to sell cookies,...

Artwork Auction

Create, exhibit and auction your own rainforest art to protect...

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British School of Washington Juice Drive

Third graders of the British School of Washington organized a...

Buckland Alaska Coin Drive

Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students in Buckland Alaska held...

Fort Lauderdale Wildlife Club

“Wild Over Wildlife,” an elementary school wildlife life club in...

Fredericksburg Academy BioBlitz

The middle school science class at Virginia’s Fredericksburg Academy organized...

Kate’s Lemonade Stand

Nine-year-old Kate saved 1,084 acres of Amazon rainforest by selling...

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