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Rainforest Trust's Saves Challenge

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The Saves Challenge

Each and every day, rampant rainforest destruction pushes wildlife to extinction and our planet towards an irreversible crisis. We can dramatically reduce this senseless loss by Safeguarding Areas Vital to Endangered Species – SAVES.

Establishing new protected areas

West Java Halimum National Park
West Java Halimum National Park

Rainforest Trust collaborates with strong local organizations to safeguard endangered species and intact landscapes by creating permanent protected areas in regions most at risk of habitat destruction. These protected areas, vital for the survival of many species, are established through direct land purchase, the designation of national parks and other government-recognized protected areas, or the creation of community conservation areas that are sustainably managed by local stakeholders and government.

Rainforest Trust is dedicated to fostering strong collaborations and empowering conservation leaders within their own countries. Our simple model has proven highly effective for over 30 years and has saved over 37 million acres.

Ways we act

Join us to support the SAVES challenge

Rainforest Trust is leading partners worldwide to invest $100 million in conservation work to establish protection on 50 million acres for endangered wildlife, but we need your help to make this ambitious goal a reality.

Launched in 2016, the SAVES Challenge has transformed Rainforest Trusts thanks to the generous support of an anonymous friend and conservationist who realized the importance and urgency of our work.

Every dollar donated to a SAVES Challenge conservation project will be matched 1:1 so your donation has double the impact. 100% of all gifts to projects will power important conservation work.

Contact us for more information or explore our projects to take advantage of this remarkable matching gift opportunity that will double the impact of your donation in support of the SAVES Challenge.

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