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More than just an opportunity to travel, Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Tours allow you to preserve nature while experiencing it firsthand in the many reserves we have grown and established since 1988.

From the lush rainforests of Borneo to the cloud forests of Colombia, your travel with Rainforest Trust will allow you an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience as you meet our forest guards, engage with local communities, and explore the natural wonder and majestic wildlife at our project sites. Join us to watch Pygmy Elephants stroll along riverbanks in Borneo, listen to the call of Indri Lemurs in Madagascar, and observe the many spectacular hummingbirds of Colombia.

Ecotourism like Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Tours enhances the sustainability of our protected areas by raising awareness about the importance of protecting nature while providing a steady stream of income to support the management of these reserves.

When you travel with Rainforest Trust, you help us protect the endangered species that need it most. Please contact us today for more information about our tours as space is limited.


March 25 – April 1, 2017
$4,000 per person or $5,000 per couple
  • Photo by Mauricio Romero Mendoza, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Join us in exploring the magnificent cloud forest of the highest coastal mountain on Earth, Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range that boasts the largest concentration of endemic birds in the world and protects a breeding stronghold of the Endangered Santa Marta Parakeet along with a variety of rare amphibians and plants. We will leisurely traverse these unique habitats that are a particular delight for birdwatchers, taking in breathtaking views and discovering the area’s unparalleled biodiversity.

July 1 – 9, 2017
$6,000 per person or $8,000 per couple
  • Photo courtesy of Ch’ien C. Lee

Experience the spectacular wonders of Borneo, where we will visit Danum Valley and boat along the Kinabatangan River – two premier wildlife viewing locations on the Southeast Asian island. We will visit nature reserves that Rainforest Trust supporters helped us to establish, search for wild Bornean Orangutans, Bornean Pygmy Elephants and Clouded Leopards, and explore the forest canopy through a treetop “canopy walkway.”

July 24 – August 5, 2017
$6,500 per person or $8,500 per couple
  • Photo courtesy of Turtle Conservancy

Starting in South Africa, we will visit the Geometric Tortoise Preserve that was created with the help of Rainforest Trust supporters in 2015. Then we will experience the spectacular views of Cape Town with an incredible opportunity to cage dive with great white sharks. In Madagascar, an island legendary for its vast diversity of species found nowhere else on Earth, we will explore national parks, including Mangabe that was established with the conservation efforts of Rainforest Trust and a local partner. The reserves are home to unique species such as the Indri (the world’s largest lemur), nocturnal Aye-ayes, cat-like Fossas, leaf-tailed geckos as well as numerous chameleons, frogs and bats.

August 5 – 12, 2017
$4,000 per person or $6,000 per couple
  • REGUA Landscape

Discover the natural beauty of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest by traveling with us to REGUA Reserve, which Rainforest Trust has helped to grow by more than 3,500 acres over the past decade. Today, only 10 percent of the Atlantic Rainforest remains and is considered one of the world’s most threatened biodiversity hotspots. During our tour, we will learn about our partner’s efforts to reforest the area to ensure the survival of unique wildlife including the South American Tapir and Endangered Southern Woolly Spider Monkey.

*Tour costs exclude individual airfare expenses but include all scheduled activities, including meals.
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