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Bat Sanctuary Expanded in Fiji

Bats — six species of them, to be exact — are the only mammals native to the Fiji islands. But five of the six bat species in this South Pacific nation face extinction. Rainforest Trust has worked with its partners, the National Trust of Fiji and Bat Conservation International, since 2017 to create a reserve […]

New Land Purchase to Create Botanical Garden in Tanzania

This month, Rainforest Trust and the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) purchased a 9-acre property near the Magombera Forest Reserve in central Tanzania. Local NGO Reforest Africa will partner with TFCG to turn the site into a new botanical garden. The three organizations have already worked together to protect Magombera, spanning over 6,000 acres of […]

Strategic Land Purchase Provides Vital Corridor to Save Wildlife in South Africa

South Africa’s Soutpansberg mountain range has an extraordinary variety of important and unique habitat types. Resident species reflect that diversity, ranging from small endemic species to large, wide-ranging predators, like the Vulnerable Leopard. But wildlife poaching, agricultural expansion and sand-mining threaten the future of the region’s ecosystem. This week, Rainforest Trust’s local partner, The Endangered […]

Two Critical Expansions in Ecuadorean Amazon Reserves

The unique and threatened biodiversity of the Ecuadorean Amazon has been a conservation priority to Rainforest Trust since our earliest days. So far, we have helped to protect over 327,000 acres of critical rainforest habitat in the country, an area roughly the size of Los Angeles, with no intention of slowing down. Recently, Rainforest Trust […]

Rainforest Trust Statement on IPCC Climate Change and Land Report

Today, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change declared that protecting the world’s forests to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and prevent greenhouse gas emissions plays a critical role in climate action.  While reducing fossil fuel use is vital to mitigating the climate crisis, emissions reduction alone will not halt global warming. The report […]

Amphibians and Trees Further Protected in Puerto Rico

The Sierra de Cayey, in the southeast corner of Puerto Rico’s Central Mountain Range, houses some of the island’s most important ecosystems. The site is crucial to Puerto Rico’s endemic amphibians and plants, as well as local birds. But expanding agricultural development threatens to destroy the region’s forests. The growing specter of climate change could […]

Increased Protection for Orchids and Birds in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Chocó forests are some of the world’s most biodiverse and endemic-rich ecosystems. But they are also some of the most threatened — Ecuador has one of the highest deforestation rates in South America. Rainforest Trust and local partner Fundación EcoMinga have been working to protect this region for years. And once again, these efforts […]

New Desert Refuge in Mexico to Provide Critical Habitat for Wildlife

Rare tortoises, nesting and migratory birds, unique lizards and a variety of mammals are set to benefit from the recent purchase of a 18,850-acre former cattle ranch, Rancho Guimbalete, in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert. Rainforest Trust, Turtle Conservancy and its local affiliate HABIO, A.C. and Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) partnered on a deal to purchase the […]