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Historic Rainforest Protection for Endangered Wildlife and Indigenous People in the Philippines

The Cleopatra’s Needle Forest Reserve in Palawan, the largest critical habitat created in the Philippines, safeguards endemic, threatened species such as the Philippine Pangolin, Palawan Bearcat and Palawan Horned Frog, and also protects the forest-dwelling Batak people. Rainforest Trust is delighted to announce that over 100,000 acres of rainforest encompassing and surrounding Cleopatra’s Needle, one […]

Supporter Spotlight: Rainforest Sunglasses

Promoting a culture of environmental sustainability among travelers and adventurers while saving the rainforest. Rainforest Sunglasses is an eco-friendly company that invests a portion of its profits from its handcrafted eyewear into conservation. It came into existence as an escape from the grind of everyday life. Patrick Atallah, the company’s founder, first imagined the idea […]

Land Purchase Consolidates Critical Cloud Forest Reserve in Ecuador

Over the past 16 years, Rainforest Trust has helped establish and expand Buenaventura Reserve in southern Ecuador. After 15 land acquisitions, a key property to consolidate the most important cloud forest reserve in southern Ecuador has just been secured. Rainforest Trust recently received notice from partner Fundación Jocotoco that it has purchased the Guzman property […]

Progressive Protection for Pangolins

What happens when the scaly armor that is supposed to protect pangolins leads to them becoming the most trafficked mammals in the world? A shy pangolin has tough outer scales and curls into a tight ball when frightened– but these defenses are useless against threats such as poaching and habitat loss that are pushing the […]

Tropic Topics: Pangolins in Asia

As we gear up to celebrate pangolins for Giving Tuesday, listen to Rainforest Trust’s Asia Conservation Officer tell more about what makes this species so unique and how we can ensure a brighter future for the world’s most trafficked mammal. Header photo: Photo by Chien Lee/wildborneo.com

Tapirs Soon to Return to REGUA Reserve

Rainforest Trust’s Brazilian partner Reserva Ecologica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) is leading efforts with a local university to reintroduce two South American Tapirs back into their natural habitat in the Atlantic Rainforest. REGUA Reserve safeguards essential habitat for 60 mammal species in the Atlantic Rainforest, and that number will be increased by the end of this […]

Supporter Spotlight: Richard Edmondson

A New Zealander decides to turn his bucket list into a legacy. Richard Edmondson started his 50th birthday celebration with a voyage to the other side of the world. A native of New Zealand, Richard had already traveled extensively across the globe, visiting some of the planet’s greatest rainforests from the Western Ghats of India […]

Tropic Topics: Plant Blindess

We all see plants in our everyday life, so what does it mean to be “plant blind?” Tune in to Rainforest Trust’s Tropic Topics podcast below to listen to our Plant Conservation Officer, Dr. Craig Costion, explain how we can help increase awareness and funding for plant conservation.

Urgent Disaster Relief for El Dorado Nature Reserve

Critical refuge for endangered birds in Colombia devastated by recent natural disasters. El Dorado Nature Reserve that is managed by Rainforest Trust’s partner Fundación ProAves is part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, which boasts the highest concentration of endemic birds in the world and protects a breeding stronghold of the Santa […]

Australia’s Drastic Deforestation

“Of the eleven world regions highlighted as global deforestation fronts, eastern Australia is the only one in a developed country,” cites a statement signed by global scientists. At the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania conference in Brisbane this summer, more than 200 senior scientists from Australia and around the world signed a statement describing the […]