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Endangered Species Refuge in Ghana Expanded

In Ghana’s southeast, in the hills along the border with Togo, sits a series of forest patches. Surrounding these forests are human settlements, farms and savannas — which isolate this area from other West African forests. Due to this isolation and heavy human influence, most of the species once native to these forests, like Chimpanzees, […]

Indigenous Forest Lands Protected in the Philippines

The indigenous Dumagat and Alta communities, with support from Rainforest Trust and partner Daluhay Daloy ng Buhay Inc., an organization focused on democratic ecosystem management, have just established the San Luis S’bkal-Is’suwi Indigenous Community Conserved Area and Territory on the Philippine island of Luzon. This 97,670-acre reserve safeguards habitat for threatened species while helping surrounding […]

Conservation in Latin America: Year in Review

Rainforest Trust has always had a special relationship with the tropical landscapes of Latin America and the Caribbean. Our first project ever was in Guatemala, protecting an irreplaceable patch of forest. In addition, some of the most consequential projects of our first two decades took place in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. But this year, as […]

Conservation in Africa: Year in Review

Rainforest Trust’s work in Africa continues to demonstrate some of our most dynamic and diverse conservation projects. From the East African grasslands, to the dense forests of the Congo and the South African dry brush, our work here protects some of the world’s most iconic places and wildlife. In 2019, Rainforest Trust protected over 120,000 […]

Conservation in Asia-Pacific: Year in Review

Rainforest Trust has had an exciting year of work across Asia and the Pacific. This region exemplifies our project diversity — and the importance of protecting habitat for some of the world’s most threatened species. Rainforest Trust helped protect almost 800,000 acres in Asia and the Pacific this year. But, in contrast with most of […]

First Reserve Created for Critically Endangered Dahl’s Toad-headed Turtle

Wildlife Conservation Society, Turtle Survival Alliance and Rainforest Trust promote conservation, habitat restoration and genetic rescue of species Rainforest Trust, in collaboration with Wildlife Conservation Society Colombia and Turtle Survival Alliance, has safeguarded a 297-acre property in rural northern Colombia that will become the first and only reserve for the conservation of the Critically Endangered […]

Seth MacFarlane Gives $1 Million to Rainforest Trust to Stop Deforestation

Seth MacFarlane has given $1,000,000 to Rainforest Trust to further the international conservation organization’s work to protect rainforests and tropical habitat. “The science is clear on the connection between preventing deforestation and addressing the climate crisis. Rainforest Trust’s commitment to protecting habitat and its inherent biodiversity is fundamentally important. I wanted to support Rainforest Trust’s […]

On Wildlife Conservation Day, We’re Thinking About Fishing

In 2012, the State Department of the United States declared December 4 “Wildlife Conservation Day.” They wanted to highlight wildlife trafficking and illegal trade — and recognize the important work of conservationists around the world. Poaching and wildlife trafficking is a complicated subject, sometimes more complicated than the prevailing narrative implies. Some animals like rhinos, […]

Critically Endangered Shorebird Travels Thousands of Miles to New Protected Area

This year, Rainforest Trust and the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST) purchased almost 20 acres of shoreline along Thailand’s Inner Gulf. This property, Pak Thale, is an important habitat for many migratory shorebird species, including the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper. The Spoon-billed Sandpiper is an incredible — and incredibly threatened — bird. The International […]

New Parrot Gets New Reserve, Just in Time

In a bid to prevent the extinction of the Lilacine Amazon – a colorful parrot found only in western Ecuador – Rainforest Trust, Fundación Jocotoco and American Bird Conservancy have established a new protected reserve. The Las Balsas Communal Reserve also protects habitat for the Great Green Macaw. Each of these species numbers fewer than […]