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Dedicated Students Start “Rainforest Challenge” to Stop Deforestation

“Climate change is happening fast and you can’t just stand around to see what will happen, you have to act,” said Tadhg, a 10-year-old student at Monkstown Educate Together National School (METNS) in Ireland. Tadhg and his fellow classmates did just that. After reading Katherine Rundell’s novel The Explorer about a group of children that […]

Saving the Planet, One Frog at a Time

Frogs are 10-year-old Justin Sather’s favorite animal. His fascination with the species began with a blanket he had as a baby, and has blossomed from there. Now, Justin’s love for frogs has led him on a mission to protect the planet. In kindergarten, Justin learned that nearly one-third of frog species are on the verge […]

Rainforest Trust 2020: A Year in Review

2020 was a year of disruption and change for every person and organization, Rainforest Trust included. The need to protect our planet and nature has never been more urgent. Thanks to the commitment of our supporters and the extraordinary efforts of our partners, our vital conservation work around the world continued and over 1.5 million […]

Two New Protected Areas in Nepal’s Himalayas

Rainforest Trust and our long-time partner, KTK-BELT have recently created two protected areas in Nepal’s Himalayas totalling 261,557 acres––that’s one-third larger than New York City. This is the biggest step so far in our joint multi-year, multi-project mission to save habitat in a “belt” from the country’s lowlands, all the way up to the Himalayas […]

COVID-19 Emergency Fund Supports Partners, Reserves

This spring, in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Rainforest Trust asked for emergency support to help our partners navigate unprecedented challenges. Across the tropics, our projects were delayed by travel restrictions and closed government offices. Ecotourism revenue dried to a trickle, if not completely. Protected areas and endangered species were left vulnerable and exposed […]

Our Conversation with Great.com

Rainforest Trust’s Chief Philanthropy Officer, Leslie VanSant, recently sat down with Great.com to discuss how collaborative conservation efforts like ours are the most effective way to save the rainforests and preserve the world’s rarest wildlife.  Each day, we witness deforestation fragmenting the planet’s habitats and severing the fibers of our global ecosystem. For over 30 […]

Visiting Tanzania’s Magombera Forest Reserve

Tanzania’s Magombera Forest is internationally recognized for its wide range of biodiversity and diverse landscapes, ranging from moist forests and dry woodlands, to grasslands and riparian forests that support a wealth of rare flora and fauna. Magombera Forest is a Key Biodiversity Area because it provides a refuge for many endemic species like the Udzungwa […]

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Planning for the Future

Peru holds the second-largest share of the Amazon rainforest of any nation, with the forest spanning over half the country’s land area. Traditionally, this land has been occupied and protected by indigenous groups that depend on its natural resources. But unfortunately, many of these communities have historically lacked legal rights to their land. This leaves […]

5 Benefits of Protected Areas

Rainforest Trust’s mission for over 30 years has been to prevent destruction and deforestation of tropical habitat through the creation of protected areas. Critical habitat around the world faces increasing threats, ranging from forest fires due to slash and burn agriculture, to land clearing for large scale development, to desertification. The results put our planet […]

Supporter Spotlight: Sock Puppets for Conservation

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, many were unsure about what to do and how to be helpful. William Jordan, a young student from the Isle of Wight in England, was wondering this himself when he found motivation to help our planet in an unconventional way. During the quarantine, while working on a school project, William […]