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Bugs, Bugs Everywhere

Rainforest Trust is currently in production on a series of documentary films centered around stories of tropical conservation. But here on the blog, we’ll provide some of the behind-the-scenes anecdotes of film production. I’m two inches above the water in a hollowed-out canoe. It’s an hour before sunset. The canoe is zipping into a giant […]

Burn the Trees to Save the Habitat

The Fynbos habitat of South Africa is home to many endangered and rare plant species. Some of these plant species are found only in the Fynbos, a small, coastal habitat patch native to southern South Africa. These endemic species do not include the Port Jackson Willow. The Port Jackson Willow (Acacia saligna) is native to […]

Rainforest Trust Partner Helps Stop Bauxite Mine

“I’ll take ‘Def-ORE-station’ for $1,000, Alex.” “Gibbsite, boehmite and diaspore make up much of this ore whose mining is contributing to deforestation across the tropics.” “…” ~~~~~~~ You probably have never have heard of bauxite. But you almost certainly use bauxite-derived products every day. Bauxite is one of the most important sources of aluminum. Yes, […]

Threatened Frogs Seen in South African Bioblitz

Rainforest Trust is supporting the protection of 800 acres in South Africa home to threatened amphibians. A recent survey documented many of the key species. A couple of months ago, Endangered Wildlife Trust, a Rainforest Trust partner in South Africa, launched a “bioblitz” to find and catalogue species in the Adams Mission wetland. While they […]

Successful Tortoise Survey in South Africa

Rainforest Trust worked to support the conservation of 810 acres of habitat for the Critically Endangered Geometric Tortoise, South Africa’s rarest tortoise. A recent survey discovered a large number of these and other tortoises in the area. About 800 mature Critically Endangered Geometric Tortoises (Psammobates geometricus) are thought to remain in the wild. Recently, a […]

“Golden Wonder” Salamander Rediscovered in Guatemala

The spectacular Jackson’s Climbing Salamander was last seen in 1977 and considered extinct. This month a forest guard at the Rainforest Trust-supported San Isidro Amphibian Reserve in Guatemala stumbled across this amazing species – the most exciting species rediscovery of the year! The American generation born between 1883 and 1900; a hit TV series about […]

Mozambican Community Conservation Spurred On by Puppets

Rainforest Trust is working to support the conservation of over 13,000 acres of Mt. Namuli in Mozambique, a critical biodiversity hotspot. Community conservation outreach is a vital part of the larger efforts of partners LUPA and Legado to conserve Mt. Namuli. The communities around Mt. Namuli are a vital part of the greater Namuli ecosystem. […]

Canandé Herpetological Community the Most Diverse Outside the Amazon

Rainforest Trust is currently helping expand Ecuador’s Rio Canandé Reserve by 3,754 acres. Home to a number of threatened species, including the Great Green Macaw and Brown-headed Spider Monkey, the reserve is now also home to the highest number of amphibians and reptiles in any place outside the Amazon. A recent biological survey in Ecuador’s […]

First Carchi Andes Toad Sighting in Ecuador in 33 Years

Rainforest Trust is supporting the expansion of Fundacion EcoMinga’s Dracula Reserve in Ecuador. Recently, an incredibly rare toad was spotted there — the first Ecuadorian sighting since its discovery in 1984. In 1984, researchers first found the Carchi Andes Toad (Rhaebo colomai) in northwest Ecuador. For 20 years, the species went unseen. Then, in 2005, […]