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Giant Creatures Make Homes for Tiny Creatures

Elephants are, to state the obvious, very big. I mean, have you ever stopped and looked at one of them? They’re huge, massive, enormous creatures. They’re so big, their hearts only beat every two seconds—that’s 30 beats per minute. Count it out—it’s a long time between beats in their giant, oversized, gargantuan hearts. A low […]

Integrated Technology Bolsters Conservation

Header photo courtesy of Sumac Muyu Foundation. One of the more recent boundary-pushing developments in technology is cross-platform integration. By allowing different devices to communicate with each other, such as a cell phone and a home security system, we can reduce digital “clutter” and streamline work. But integration isn’t just for convenience—it’s also for improving […]

New Reserve Protects Bonobos in Congo Rainforest

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to the Congo Basin, the second largest tropical rainforest in the world. Despite having some of the highest biodiversity levels on Earth, the Congo Basin is one of the world’s least protected and most vulnerable forests. The DRC also suffers from widespread poverty — a result of […]

Thirty Years After the Last Golden Toad Sighting, What Have We Learned?

The story of Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest is like so many other protected areas. First, biologists noticed incredible species in an ecosystem. In Monteverde’s case, the forest contained tropical birds like the Resplendent Quetzal and amphibians like the Golden Toad. But then, like so many other protected areas, they also documented threats — in […]

Preserve Expanded for Critically Endangered Tortoises

The Geometric Tortoise, native to South Africa’s Western Cape, is one of the world’s most striking tortoise species. Some people have even called it the “Fabergé egg” of tortoises. It’s also one of the world’s most endangered reptiles. Fewer than 1,000 individual tortoises remain in the wild. Much of this decline has come from habitat […]

Use Technology to Think Like a Tiny Primate

Conservation and animal rights advocates have always anthropomorphized nonhuman animals to inspire empathy. And for good reason: it’s hard to look into the eyes of a sad pup while Sarah McLachlan sings and not feel a kinship with the creature. But those clips always seemed shallow, at least for conservation science. As conservationists, we preach […]

Land Purchase Completed for Endangered Parrots in Mexico

The Monte Mojino Reserve, in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, is mainly tropical dry forest. This forest type is one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems. Only 5% of tropical dry forests anywhere overlap with protected areas — putting this habitat and the species that rely on it in danger of extinction. Rainforest Trust has […]

World’s Tallest Tropical Tree Found in Malaysian Borneo

In the 2018 Tree Yearbook, many of the superlatives went to familiar candidates. A redwood won “Most Imposing,” again. “Most Unpleasant Neighbor” went to a strangler fig. “Best Leaves” went to a banana plant (not technically a tree, but judges allowed it.) But a new contender in the arboreal retrospective also emerged: “Tallest Tropical Tree.” […]

More Critically Endangered Doves Spotted in Brazil

Over the past few years, Rainforest Trust and our local partner in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, SAVE Brasil, have worked to protect habitat for the Critically Endangered Blue-eyed Ground-dove. The saga began in 2015. For the first time in 75 years, someone spotted the Blue-eyed Ground-dove, until then believed to be extinct. Soon […]

Conservation Basics: Saving the World With Enya

Rainforest Trust’s work to protect habitats for threatened species is grounded in cutting-edge conservation science. But in this series, we explore the basics of conservation science and how they inform Rainforest Trust’s scientists. As I write this, the soothing tones of Enya’s “May It Be,” written for the Lord of the Rings film series, is […]