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The Pangolin, Unscienced

You might have heard of a pangolin. Or you might not have. But Rainforest Trust’s Outreach & Communications Team wanted to show you the pangolin’s true anatomy. We hope that learning more about this animal found in Africa and Asia will lead you to learning to love the eight species of pangolin as much as […]

New Nature Reserve to Protect Globally Unique Forest in Tanzania

Rainforest Trust has helped establish the Magombera Nature Reserve, a 6,463-acre protected area preserving a globally unique forest ecosystem in East Africa. To create this new reserve, Rainforest Trust teamed up with a consortium of stakeholders that includes a theme park, a foundation, two other conservation organizations, four African villages, two universities, and the Government […]

Establishment of Galápagos Nature Reserve

Rainforest Trust and Fundación Jocotoco worked jointly to purchase a 250-acre property of threatened humid forest in the highlands of San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos. The Galápagos archipelago has an extraordinary concentration of endemic wildlife, and is recognized as an international conservation priority without equal. The property now secured for protection contains key breeding habitat for […]

New Protected Area Designated to Safeguard Endangered Bats and Rats

The Municipality of Tubajon in the Philippines just announced the designation of a new protected area on Dinagat Island, one of the country’s smaller islands off the north coast of Mindanao. The Tubajon Bat Sanctuary is approximately 3,500 acres and secures habitat for numerous threatened and endemic species such as the Dinagat Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat, […]

2018 Regional Overview: Africa

Rainforest Trust knows the best way to make conservation projects a success is by involving the most important stakeholders — local communities. We embraced this tenet in Africa this year, where we protected a total of 869,812 acres through the support of community members living and working closest to the rainforest in 18 different countries. […]

2018 Regional Overview: Asia and the Pacific

Rainforest Trust purchased and protected 74,206 acres in Asia and the Pacific this year, including a variety of unique habitats! Some of these acres were home to small, endemic species found nowhere else in the world. On Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, Rainforest Trust added 72 acres to a now 47,328-acre protected network of coastal habitat. This […]

First Species from Rainforest Trust Auction Named to Fight Climate Change

The first species from Rainforest Trust’s Species Legacy Auction on December 8 has been named, to widespread news!   Screenshot of winning bidder’s announcement. Credit: EnviroBuild.   The sustainable building materials company EnviroBuild based in the UK purchased the naming rights to a caecilian in our historic Species Legacy Auction on December 8. Researchers discovered […]