In the Amazon rainforest, jaguars, giant river otters, tapirs and other wildlife face threats from illegal logging, oil drilling, mining, pipeline construction and over-fishing.  Unless action is taken, these threats will destroy the last remaining areas of pristine rainforest in a matter of years.

Today, there is an exciting and critically important project underway that will permanently protect 5.9 million acres of intact Amazon rainforest.  The rich, biodiverse land is home to thousands of rare and threatened species of plants and animals.

The massive conservation project in Peru will create two new reserves, the Sierra del Divisor National Park and the White Sands National Reserve. These new reserves will be further protected by a buffer zone of land that will be titled to 57 indigenous communities.

The total project cost is $2.9 million over four years. That means the cost to save one acre is just 50¢! Our Amazon Earth Day campaign is focused on raising $50,000 for this project by April 22.

It is important to act now. A major highway is planned from Brazil into the Peruvian rainforest. This road would be disastrous for Sierra del Divisor, as it would allow uncontrolled clear-cutting and lead to massive habitat destruction. Protecting the Sierra del Divisor makes it off-limits to highway construction.  Saving Sierra del Divisor will also prevent the release of approximately one billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, an amount greater than the average annual emissions of all cars in the United States.

Pledge your support now.  A gift of $10 will save 20 acres.  A contribution of $25 will protect 50 acres.  Even just 50¢ can make a difference.